Cuento Taoist: Chain of Wishes

Cuento Taoist: Chain of Wishes

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StonesThere was once a stone chopper lived poorly and dreamed of becoming a rich and powerful man. One day loudly expressed their desire, surprised to find that his dream had come true: was a wealthy merchant who swam in abundance.

This made him very happy, until I met a man even richer and more powerful than he. Then, again expressed aloud his desire for more power and wealth, and was also awarded.

After a while, when he saw that, because of their status, had created many enemies, was afraid. One day, was the skill with which they handled their weapons a samurai and how quickly it melted of their enemies, and thought: "If I dominate an art of combat that skill, would have guaranteed my safety and could live in peace. I want to be a respected samurai!". And so it was.

However, even being a feared warrior, his enemies grew more and were more dangerous. One day, he was looking at the sun from the window of his house, thought: “Him if that is powerful. No one can hurt and is always above all things. I want to be the Sun!”. And so it happened.

Become Sol, a cloud in his way hindering your vision, and thought: "I want to be as powerful as the cloud that is capable of hiding the Sun. I want to be a cloud!."And this desire became reality. But seeing as the wind dragged, became disillusioned and decided, this time, be windy, with all his strength and overwhelming power. And so it happened.

When he had become wind, blew hard on a rock unmoved, causing great exasperation. "She does that is strong”, thought. “I want to be a rock!". Become Rock, felt invincible, creyendo que no existía nada más fuerte que él en todo el Universo.

But what was his surprise to see a chopper rock carving stone and gave the way I wanted, sin que pudiera resistirse a sus hábiles golpes.

This got her thinking and led him to think that, ultimately, its initial condition was not as bad, again and wanted to return to being the stone chopper had been at first.

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