Intense exercise can do age faster and shorten its lifetime

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Intense exercise can do age faster and shorten its lifetime

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With each cell division, telomeres shorten and therefore are markers of aging.


The Qigong and some other ancient Eastern practices taught slow, gentle movements to have a healthy body, as opposed to the intense and accelerated motion.

Intense exercise increases metabolism and cells divide more rapidly and replace worn or damaged cells. The cells have a finite number of times they can divide, so that one's life may be shortened.

Telomeres are outermost layers of chromosomes. With each cell division, become shorter and therefore are markers of aging. When a cell's telomeres wear out completely, that cell can no longer reproduce and die. Its rapid wear, You can shorten the life of one.

Joel Fuhrman, MD, wrote in his blog: "The prevailing myth is that a faster metabolism is preferable, as a weight loss would result, however, have a fast metabolism does not mean you are healthier, de facto, can make you age faster ".

Fuhrman cited a study of families in which several siblings lived more than 90 years old. Study, by researchers at the Medical Center in Leiden University in Netherlands, longevity found that it could be related to lower thyroid activity and therefore lower metabolism.

Instead of trying to increase metabolism, dijo Fuhrman, treat your body to function with fewer calories. Some of the world's oldest people have said they feel that the reason for their longevity is eating moderately.

"I eat to live, not live to eat ", dijo Yisrael Kristal of 110 years old, Israeli publication Haartz. "You do not need too, anything in excess is not good… It is good to have a full stomach ". Jiroemon Kimura, who died at age 116 years old, Spot light is said to have good long life, according to Japan Times.

The Qigong and some other ancient Eastern practices taught slow, gentle movements to have a healthy body, as opposed to the intense and accelerated motion. These practices often also provide guidance for the improvement of character, including moderation in eating and other aspects of life.

Many doctors agree that a normal level of exercise is beneficial, but intense training can be hard on the body. Stress has also been shown to decrease the length of telomeres, hastily older people.

Dr. Fuhrman said in an email to The Epoch Times: "The exercise above a certain level, is probably more harmful than helpful. And, that would be the case of triathletes, run marathons and do other sports that require extreme training keep for many years. The competitive nature of some events pushes participants to the limit of his endurance and this may not be a lifestyle that promotes and maintains these tensions in the body for many years ".

Source: The Epoch Times

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