El hombre who lost her memory. Cuento Taoist

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El hombre who lost her memory. Cuento Taoist

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memoryAccount Lieh Tzu that there was once a man named Hua Zi, Li Yang who lived in and had lost all memory. In the afternoon, forgot what he had said in the morning; next morning, not remember what he had done the previous day. When going somewhere, not remember where I was and forgot the way back. I had forgotten until when walking or sitting.

His family was very concerned. I did not know what to do. They suffered because they did not recognize. And although he looked Hua Zi peaceful and happy in your situation, were seriously concerned about the. They went to diviners and healers of all kinds. In vain. The diagnosis of the leading physicians of the time, I used to agree that there was some disharmony between liver unrecoverable, the lungs and spleen, with involvement of the kidneys and heart. They declared unable to cure.

A scholar Lu, great philosopher and scholar, offered to heal. The wife and children of Hua Zi promised to pay what they should ask, in exchange for a cure. The philosopher said: “Can not be remedied or herbal, or spells, nor invocations, or resort to common drugs. It is an issue of mind. Try to modify, change your thoughts. I'll do some tests. "

He then had him strip and the patient claimed the clothes; I had not eaten and demanded food; left him in the dark and called the light. These tests were very positive. He told: “It can cure the disease. However, my method is expensive and secret.” After agreeing the price to charge, dismissed all and stayed in the house alone with the sick for seven days.

No one knew what made wise man, or what techniques used, but the fact is that, on the morning of the seventh day, Hua Zi had cured his mind.

When the family came home, called by the healer, Hua Zi saw them he cried, livid, against his son and against his wife. He wanted to hit them with a stick, and ran behind him had healed, so that he had to be restrained by his neighbors who calmed and asked the cause of his great anger. Hua Zi explained: “Before, with my memory loss, was happy, nothing worried me, or even the existence of heaven and earth. I was with myself, free and empty of everything else. Now, to recover myself, have returned all my old worries, all my concerns, all my anxieties. Arise in my mind all the gains and losses, successes and failures, joys and sorrows, loves and hates. Gone is the silence of my mind. I stopped seeing people and things as they are, and there are, without judging. My mind will not shut up, not a moment ".

And, and calm, with tears in his eyes, cried: "I want to live as before, someone help me!"

Source: The Epoch Times

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