El hospital “without medicine” The world's largest

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El hospital “without medicine” The world's largest

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With this title, el Maestro Luke Chan, led one of his articles in the book 101 Miracles of Natural Healing (“101 Milagros natural healing”), whose first impression was in January 1996. Him, describes her experience at the Center “Huaxia” Clinical training and dedicated to Zhineng in China, the largest base of operations of this style of Qigong that revolutionized this country during the late 80 and 90. Then, an excerpt from her story:

“The Training Center and Clinic “Huaxia” de Zhineng Qigong, simply known as El Centro, normally has more than 4 thousand people living there, including medical, patients, teachers, coaches and support staff. The Centre was established in November 1988 in Shijiazhuang City and later, on February 1992, it moved to its present home, in a former Navy hospital in the city of Qinhuangdao, 5 hours by train from Beijing. It is run by its founder, Dr. Pang Ming, Qigong Grandmaster and Doctor trained in Western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

This hospital is the largest of its kind in China. The Center does not prescribe medicines or special diets; predominates exercise, environment full of love and life energy or Qi. It is a non-profit organization and is recognized by the Chinese government as a legitimate clinic. For years, Center has treated more than 180 diseases with a success rate of a 95%.

In 1995, I spent the whole month of May living there, observing first hand how the hospital operates and interviewing more than 100 people who have miraculously recovered from illness “incurable” (cancer, diabetes, arthritis, deafness, CHD, etc.).

The Zhineng is the method used at the Centre and was developed by Dr. Pang. The method is based on the concept does Qigong 5 thousand years, as well as in modern medical knowledge. Dr. Pang, known as “Lao-shi”, revered teacher, He has written over 9 Zhineng books.

When a patient enters the hospital, he or she is diagnosed / a by a doctor and then assigned to a class 50 people to start a training period 24 days. Patients spend most of their time practicing Zhineng, usually a 8 daily hours, no distractions like television, periodic phone. Which can, standing practice, those who can only sit, practice in their chairs and those who can not move, practice from their beds.

The Center has more than 600 staff members in their, including 26 physicians trained in Western medicine methods. As drugs not prescribed, there is no pharmaceutical. Medical, they prefer to be called “teachers”, have only a secondary role in this specialty Hospital. Occasionally they are only called for urgent cases. Its main function is to diagnose patients when they register on arrival and again, to finish 24 days of the training period. Their diagnoses are classified into 4 categories for statistical purposes.

1. Healing: The symptoms have disappeared and the instruments as EKG, ultrasound, rayos X, CT, etc.. records are correct.

2. Very effective: The symptoms are almost gone and the instruments show large improvements.

3. Cash: Newsworthy Improvement; the “students” can eat, sleep and feel good.

4. Without effectiveness: No changes occur or are even worse.

According to “Zhineng Summary of the effects of healing in chronic diseases”, published by the Centre in 1991, data 7936 patients showed a cure rate “effective” at 94.96 % cases.

Despite his amazing success in healing, Center is little known even in China itself, by su policy announced in the newspapers the magazines. However, is known about 8 million practitioners estimated. Through word of mouth, thousands of people from all over China come to the center each month. In fact, Zhineng has a large following and El Centro is the brain of its vast network.

At the Center, no matter the severity status of the sick person, for others it is a “student”, patient never. Why? Because students learn an art, the aim of which is to heal itself, unlike patients, that mainly rely on medical. Thus, there is no physician-patient relationship.

Teaching during the 24 day program is only 100 yuan (about 12 dollars). This includes room and board, students can spend a 600 yuan (about 70 dollars) month!. Probably the cheapest Hospital World, It is truly one without the sole purpose of obtaining economic benefits organization. Still works independently, without any help from the government or private foundations.

How to operate as efficiently? Because many of the medical, Teachers and support staff have been initially “students” who have recovered from serious illnesses and have now returned voluntarily to serve the sick / aa exchange for a small payment. Teachers play the role of Dr., nurse, social worker, animator, relative, friend, hermano o hermana. Its effectiveness is measured by the percentage of success in healing their “students”.

Another reason for the effectiveness of the Centre and in turn small budget, is that it uses group therapy. The “students” live group 4, 8 or 16 persons per room. Living in groups, students develop a spirit of cooperation between them sustained by affection and love. Many of the people whom I interviewed had been rejected by the hospitals where they came to consider them “incurable” and so the Centre welcomed them as their last hope. Like all in the same boat sailed across the ocean, students joined together against their common enemy: disease.

Just as hospitals associate with medical schools to train young people in the medical profession, Center has its schools to train professionals in Zhineng. There is an Academy and training programs for instructors one month and three months. The Academy, established 1992, has a training program 2 years for young people under the 30 years and have had minimal training in a school of higher grade. Training programs for instructors 1 month 3 months are for anyone interested in Zhineng. I have been told that there is usually more than a thousand students in both options.

Also, well as prestigious hospitals have research programs, Center has launched countless and ongoing research projects and also in various universities throughout the country. The person who was in charge of the subject, retired school teacher, showed me some of the published literature about, and to my surprise, gave me 2 full data volumes, as thick as a phone book!

Apart from medical, teachers and students, there are hundreds of support people working in the office, cafeteria, bookstore, etc.. They are faithful to Zhineng practicing together in the morning and afternoon, some 3 hour. As they say, is not just a job, is a work Zhineng.

The Center is open only 10 months of the year because there is no heating in the rooms during winter. It has planned a future city dedicated to Zhineng, more facilities, to accommodate the increasing number of students, including people coming from abroad”.

Source: Lan Tian Centre

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