The Fall and Traditional Chinese Medicine

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autumn - puente

The Fall and Traditional Chinese Medicine

autumn - puenteDespite the burden that for many represent the hottest months, the fact is that at the end of them and start the first falls in temperature and go shortening the day, almost all felt that melancholy that accompanies the end of the most festive time, relaxed and expansive year. Y procuramos apretar los dientes y concentrarnos para afrontar de la mejor forma posible los rigores invernales.

Pero, a pesar de los firmes propósitos iniciales, a muchos se les van perdiendo las buenas intenciones por el camino. Hay quienes “caen” con los primeros descensos de temperaturas, presos de virus, gripes, resfriados y depresiones varias. Otros resisten algo más, pero finalmente casi todos pasan por su crisis otoñal particular.

¿Qué es lo que pasa? ¿Es que cada vez hay más “virus enemigos” y demás atacantes externos que conspiran contra nuestra salud y bienestar?… En mi opinión, we must look for the real reasons for the lack of harmony with the seasonal energy, which in turn derives from the lack of information and understanding of the same.

What energy is the fall and how we can connect to it, thus achieving greater harmony, Health and Wellness?

Autumn has, actually, two well differentiated, each with its specific energy, described below:

FINAL LATE SUMMER SUMMER or: It is a transition between summer and autumn. It begins more or less the last week of August and lasts until mid-October. Characterized by an unstable weather, the arrival of the first storms, a slight shortening of the days and nights a little cooler.

In ancient Chinese philosophy and medicine this stage called Earth element or energy. This energy or vibration that we can see at the external level is also reflected in our body, rhythms and needs. Therefore it is important to learn to feel, to balance us with the environment in which we live.

At this time of the annual cycle energy moves in a downward direction, stabilizing, collecting and focusing. It is a movement that allows a smooth transition from energy expansion, Summer relaxation dispersion and energy to maximum contraction and concentration autumn.

fall foodLate summer is the ideal time to start preparing for Fall: is right now, in this transitional, the more effective the actions we take in the face of the cold months. It is a unique opportunity offered by Nature to make us strong BEFORE they reach the first "onslaught" serious cold and lack of light.

It's time to start warming up, center, calm and stabilize our body, energy leaving faster, Summer and expansive surface.

Therefore, is important to begin to eliminate foods typically summer as raw fruits and vegetables, juices, cold drinks and salads, are tonics and effect a cooling of the body opening and, consistent passing dishes, nutritious and temperate, we concentrate, strengthen and stabilize. So get creating the center and strength needed to face the cold months. We must seize the first drops in temperature to start making savory soups, stews, general stews and hot dishes and rich in nutrients.

It is time for the pumpkins, potatoes, chestnuts ... traditionally prepared foods roasted, thus obtaining all their natural sweetness. These foods represent very well the energy of late summer, They give strength and warmth, but without getting too tense body or, because its sweetness produces an effect of relaxing comfort and satisfaction. Also, food colors are yellow-orange, hues that balance the stomach, spleen and pancreas, bodies associated traditional Chinese medicine to late summer. These organs are toned and balanced with the natural sweetness of vegetables such as pumpkins round, sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, beet, onions or brussel sprouts, and the legumes and grains like millet, rice, oats or quinoa.

If we keep eating like in summer, most likely appear typical autumn colds. The internal cold summer make food in our body adds to environmental cold, resulting in an excess which must be regulated and removed in the form of colds, diarrhea, fatigue, discouragement ...

autumn leafAUTUMN STATEMENT: In late October the autumn comes true, with more pronounced decreases in temperature, more rain and a clear shortening of the day.

The energy of the fall continues the downward trend that began with the late summer, but more pronounced, Nature entering a phase of contraction clear, concentration and cooling energy.

We note that all these external changes affect us physically and psychologically. If late summer transition was successful at this stage enter renewed; see it, after summer relaxation, recover normal active pace and even will notice a boost entrepreneurial, with new plans and projects for winter. In return, if we have not given our body the nutrients and care needed to adapt to new conditions changes may catch us off guard and we unbalance, both physically (fatigue, lack of energy, colds and aggravation of respiratory, allergies ...), and psychologically (melancholy, sadness, apathy or depression).

We need to remineralize, strengthen, warm and slightly contracting the body, replenish nutrient reserves (basically, minerals and fat) we have lost over the summer, thus preparing our body so you can conserve heat and energy on cold days. We had already begun to reduce the consumption of raw fruits and salads and introduce more consistent and cooked foods. Now this trend is accentuated predominance of hot dishes and more concentrated food. At this stage, with pumpkins and sweet potatoes late summer, appear and vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, leafy turnips and consistent ..., leading to very satisfactory stews, perfect for fall. The colors green and white most concentrated energy of these vegetables cleaned and strengthen the lungs and large intestine, bodies in Traditional Chinese Medicine associated with the fall. The spicy flavor, to be found in some roots like radishes, in vegetables like onions, chives, leeks and seasonings like ginger, garlic or mustard, tone these organs, helping to liquefy and expel mucus which sometimes accumulates on them. Brown rice and white beans such as white beans judión and are also ideal for toning the lungs and intestines energy.


Source: Alaire

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