Qigong can help in recovery with cocaine addiction

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Qigong can help in recovery with cocaine addiction

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Are there alternative approaches, addition to drugs for people addicted to cocaine?

Can the Qigong help to overcome cocaine addiction? Why is effective Qigong?

Why is it so hard to overcome cocaine addiction?


Research shows that Qigong is effective in reducing the need for cocaine and depression symptoms.

According to the national survey 2008 on drug use and health (National Survey on Drug Use and Health), about 8,4 million Americans from 12 years old, indicated that they had taken cocaine at least once in their lives. This represents about 3,4% of the population of 12 and older U.S..

Around 1,1 million Americans of respondents reported having taken cocaine in the past year and about 359.000 answered taking cocaine in the last month.

Cocaine addiction is one of the most difficult to overcome addiction. When inhaled first, consumer body instantly begins the addiction process. After continued use, cocaine addicts begin to believe they can not live without it. There are very few effective treatments to help control cravings and withdrawal symptoms among individuals undergoing therapy to overcome cocaine abuse. When a cocaine addict tries to quit drugs, often against severe withdrawal symptoms, including:

·Depression ·Fatigue ·Angry outbursts ·Vomiting ·Spasms ·Muscle pain ·Intense urge to consume ·Anxiety


The results of the study on Qigong to treat cocaine addiction, published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. This study has been approved by the promising Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers.

In the research study involved two groups. All people were taking part in a detoxification program. One group practiced Qigong therapy, and the other group received a sham treatment of similar duration. The group practiced Qigong noticed a significant reduction in craving for cocaine when they were showing the elements related to consumption. The group practiced Qigong also noted significant improvement in depressive symptoms compared to sham group. Evaluation measures included: “Cocaine Craving Questionnaire Brief (CCQ)”; “Voris Cocaine Craving Scale (VCCS)”; “Spielberger State-Trait Anxiety Inventory–State only”; “Beck Depression Inventory (BDI)”; “Credibility/Expectancy Questionnaire”; “and Addiction Severity Index (ASI)”.

The research article is A Pilot Study of Qigong for Reducing Cocaine Craving Early in Recovery, David performed by Smelson, Kevin W. Chen, Douglas Ziedonis, Ken Andes, Amanda Lennox, Lanora Callahan, Stephanie Rodrigues, y David Eisenberg, published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. February 2013, 19 (2): 97-101. The researchers concluded:

“Individuals who practiced EQT (External Qigong Therapy) reduced their craving for cocaine ( p = 0,06) and symptoms of depression ( p <0.05).”

“This study demonstrates the feasibility of applying EQT (External Qigong Therapy) between CD (Cocaíno-Dependent) the beginning of treatment. Future research should include a larger number of individuals and examine the mechanisms and potential benefits of EQT (External Qigong Therapy)”.

Source: Monterey Bay Holística Alliance

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