It Qigong and the Arthritis

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It Qigong and the Arthritis

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arthritisThe Traditional Chinese Medicine has discovered that, before a physical illness occur, Qi or Vital Energy, is unbalanced. If this imbalance is not corrected Qi, the physical body may be damaged and can lead to illness or physical symptom. The reason is very simple, each cell of our body is alive and to continue to be enjoined requires a constant supply of Qi. Provided that such provision to the cells becomes irregular, cells begin to function in a wrong way.

Signs or symptoms of arthritis are pain, swelling, redness, heat, deformity and rigidity of one or more joints. Arthritis may affect not only the joints but also other body tissues such as muscle, tendons and ligaments, wrappers and some internal organs. Chinese doctors, and believe that once the physical body has been damaged, is almost impossible to repair the 100%, try to diagnose arthritis in its earliest stages, before there is any physical damage.

China, when there “Feng Shi” or “Air Humidity”, usually people looking for a doctor to correct the problem by acupuncture, massage, acupressure, Herbal treatments or exercises Qigong, or what is more common, A combination of these methods.

The most common origin of arthritis is an injured joint that never quite completely cured and gradually causing increasing disruption of the circulation of Qi. Fortunately, if the patient practice exercises Qigong, strengthen the joint and can be completely cured. Exercise stimulates and increases circulation of Qi, This eliminates stagnation and blockages, and allows the body to trigger a natural healing mechanism.

Practice Qigong not only can cure arthritis or joint injuries and joint regeneration, is also known to be very effective for strengthening the internal organs. Many diseases, including some types of arthritis, are derived from the abnormal functioning of internal organs. For example, Gouty arthritis is caused by a malfunction of the liver and kidneys.

The priority of practice exercises Qigong to cure arthritis, is learning to relax and avoid stress on the muscle and tendon stress on the joint area, that is especially sensitive in severe cases of arthritis. Los médicos chinos creen que los ejercicios que tensan los músculos y los tendones inhiben la circulación del Qi, impidiéndole llegar al interior de la articulación dañada. Experience suggests that the best time to practice Qigong is in the early morning, as the pain and stiffness of arthritis are more severe, to be stagnant Qi.

Source: Qigong – A Chinese method to prevent and cure arthritis – Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming – Ed. Sirio


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