Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Qigong

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Qigong

qigong - womenThe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (SFC) consists of a range of symptoms including physical and mental fatigue, headache, sleep disturbances, difficulty in concentration and muscle pain etc.. In 2002 was estimated that about 0.4% of the UK population (where this study was conducted) suffering from CFS.
Common drug therapies include the use of drugs such as antidepressants, and sleep-inducing drugs for pain. Given the high level of adverse reactions recorded in the use of these drugs, the complementary therapies including mesotherapy, meditation and osteopathy are recommended to alleviate symptoms of the disease.
The Traditional Chinese Medicine SFC considers as a reflection of disharmony and lowering the body's energy with locks, stagnation and changes in the flow of energy or Qi, resulting in disease. The interruption of energy flow manifests as pain, fatigue and mood disturbances. The Qigong es una de las prácticas más completas que existen para mejorar y regular el estado energético del cuerpo llegando a curar una enfermedad.
The recruitment of volunteers for the research was conducted from general practitioners who treated patients with the disease. These patients were included in the study after having checked the CFS symptoms for longer than three months.
In total there were 18 participants, all female and aged 25 and 55 age. Fourteen participants completed the research practices required by more than one 90% class attendance.
Estas participantes debieron asistir a una clase semanal de Qigong where they learned a routine call several minutes Tai Yi Shen Qigong, and then sat for five minutes to meditate. A certificated teacher Qigong with 20 Years of experience taught classes. Practitioners repeated the routine for 6 months and they were also asked to practice at home daily.
For measurements were established based upon certain parameters controlled comparison two weeks before the start of practice Qigong, such as physical (mobility, balance, pain, etc.), Mental Health (anxiety, depression, sense of wellbeing, etc.) and general condition of the person (quality of sleep, work, stress, sociability, etc.). After measurements were performed at three and six months after starting the study.
The subjects were also asked to keep a sleep log according to the criteria of the National Health Service in the UK which consists of several variables such as sleep disruption, total time asleep, quality of the, etc..
In the measurement results found that the use of Qigong como terapia para el SFC fue positiva. Se reportaron mejoras significativas en la vitalidad de las participantes, decrease in sleep problems, greater social activity, sense of well being and decreased stress.
The biggest changes were reflected in the first three months of practice and then held with a slight rise in the three months following.
Evidence suggests that both a simple session Qigong como la práctica prolongada de la disciplina pueden producir cambios positivos en las características psicológicas y el sistema inmune de los practicantes. This pilot study suggests that regular practice Qigong reduce el dolor y mejora la calidad de sueño, vitality and physical functioning of patients with CFS.
Assuming Qigong be a potential treatment for the symptoms of this disease, mechanisms of action would be interesting to study. Estos mecanismos incluyen el incremento de oxígeno y disminución de dióxido de carbono en la sangre, generating substances that would eliminate pain and would enhance the circulation of substances that relieve pain and endorphins. Slow movements also Qigong and breathing system calm affect positively improving muscle tone and elasticity of muscles.
On the other hand, el presente estudio posee varias limitaciones debido a que la muestra es demasiado pequeña y sólo constituida por mujeres. In summary this study suggests that the Qigong if you can improve CFS symptoms after prolonged practice. In turn, the Qigong a treatment without side effects and benefits of which are beyond the treated disease. It is important to extend the studies related to this issue using a larger sample of participants in order to rule out the placebo effect and more specific measurements of the benefits.
This is a summary of a study published in 2007 in the journal “Complementary and Alternative Medicine Evidence Based”, Oxford University.
Original article: “Qigong Ameliorates Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue: A Pilot Uncontrolled Study”
(Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. 2007. Oxford Journals).

Source: Taichi Park

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