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Baoding Balls – Kung Fu Chio

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Baoding BallsSpheres of Kung Fu Chio Baoding or are some areas that can be enameled metal, marble or other materials, with a size ranging from a golf ball and a tennis ball. These areas are named after the Chinese city of Baoding from which. This city is famous in China for the longevity of its inhabitants.


In the Ming Dynasty (1368 and 1644 A.D.) a craftsman Baoding City, inspired by a dream, decided to make a hollow sphere and enter therein a musical pitch, producing in each of a different sound balls: one high and one serious, that correspond to the Yin and Yang, equivalent to the roar of the dragon and the phoenix song, celestial animals of Feng Shui.

The news reached the Emperor and this, marveled at the invention, craftsman invited to the palace to refine the balls, tweaking the sound with the finest materials. And so, Balls became one of the most precious treasures of the Imperial Court.

With the passage of time, were known to all citizens, who used them to improve their physical and mental, as a valuable tool for strength training exercises, skill and meditation.

Dr. Li Shou-Zhen noted in several patients that continued use of the balls circulating activated blood, tonificaba relaxing the muscles and internal organs of the body, prolonging the life.


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Health balls are especially suitable for stress and mental fatigue, anxiety and depression. The rotary motion develops finger strength and if used a certain weight balls, exercise can affect the muscles of forearms and grip strength. Besides these effects Healthy, practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine claim that the balls interact with the acupuncture points by the hand, opening the channels of vital energy, known as qi. For practical purposes it is said that the continued exercise balls stimulates the brain and the central system, mother of invention, eliminates anxiety, prevents and reduces blood pressure, arthritis in fingers and wrist, quakes, and other effects of aging.


Recommend exercising several times a day, during 3 minutes with each hand. The basic way is to rotate two of them in one hand by rotating horizontally, first one way and then the other, before changing hand. While performing this exercise you have to be relaxed and keep your breathing even and deep.

An example of how to properly use Baoding Spheres.


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