Spirulina, Super Seaweed the Miraculous

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Spirulina, Super Seaweed the Miraculous

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SpirulinaName Spirulina like something out of a science fiction, well could be part of the family of Kryptonite or something, but its roots are so simple and natural that have become the most desired superfood. To understand the reason for its popularity, we need to understand what makes it so wonderful.

Spirulina is Oldest Planet unicellular alga and grows in a spiral; hence the funny name.

His color is blue with green features (with its Phycocyanin and high chlorophyll content) are two key components in making Spirulina a miracle of nature. I explain:

Phycocyanin, is the most effective antiinflamatario found in nature. As if this were not enough, has analgesic properties. In fact, a study by the Department of Internal Medicine, Tokai University showed that spirulina lowers cholesterol and serves as desinflamatorio, helping to heal chronic inflammation diseases: osteoporosis, Alzheimer, diabetes and arthritis until.

Also, the United Nations (UN), in conjunction with the Intergovernmental Institute for the use of microalgae, recommends this' wonder’ to combat malnutrition.

In the case of Chlorophyll, This activates the cell metabolism, detoxifying our blood and improving our immune system. Also, is known to help the body to produce red blood cells and facilitate blood flow, benefits that have revolutionized medicine.

As you will see, has spirulina phycocyanin and chlorophyll components magnificent but, His power does not end there: It is the most natural source vitamin B12, iron, magnesium, potassium, antioxidants and vegetable protein.

Not by chance has been declared by the UNESCO, as Millennium feed, since global research ensure that this plant can help reduce cholesterol, improves the intestinal flora, balancing the blood glucose, helps burn fat and activates brain functions.

Best of spirulina is that today you can get it in pill, dust, candy, cookies and in its natural form, with which to prepare delicious and nutritious salads. In fact, is recommended for those people who have decided to reduce their consumption of animal protein, as well as those who seek to lead a consumption-based fruit and vegetable diet.

This wonder of nature you can get it at health food stores or online. The best part is that you can use as a daily dietary supplement, for the power of nature is the source of human health.

Source : Tabasco Hoy

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