Europe seeks applications of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Biology Genomics

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Europe seeks applications of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Biology Genomics

PhytotherapyThe MTraditional Chinese edicine is based on an individual and holistic approach to describe health and disease and emphasizes the harmony of body functions. The EU-funded project GP-TCM (‘Good Practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine Research in the Post-Genomic Era’) was created to assess the European scientific activity related to the use, safety and effectiveness of this type of medical practice. Specifically, The project focused on the Phytotherapy and acupuncture.

Researchers in charge said their strategy based on the application of emerging technologies such as functional genomics and Systems Biology the analysis of traditional Chinese medicine could serve for European pharmaceutical companies to innovate and give new types of drugs.

So, studied good practice and the obstacles research on traditional Chinese medicine made faces at 27 Member States. Also encouraged the exchange of views, scientific expertise and capabilities between Europe and China.

The information gathered was used to analyze the problems and solutions in the areas of quality control, the extraction and analysis of existing data. Also, researchers contributed to scientific expertise on this type of medicine through the following actions:

– the development of a European network but of research collaboration functional genomics;
– reviewing scientific practices current, identifying problems and proposing solutions;
– the proposition methodological protocols standardized;
– identifying priority areas ahead of the launch of new studies;
– the development of online resources that support the use of good practice and enhancement of pan-European studies
– and the promotion of a sustainable European collaboration through the creation of a European company dedicated to the investigation in this field.

The draft guidelines aimed at homogenization of scientific activity at European level they were published in the journal Journal of Ethnopharmacology. Since the project also worked on strengthening cooperation between Europe and China in this field.

The Dr. Qihe Xu, Kings College London and coordinator of the consortium GP-TCM, stated that one of the most important milestones of the project was the creation of the scientific association dedicated to promoting high quality research and data-driven.: "This will be a critical step in the face of sustainable development of the research on traditional Chinese medicine worldwide".

The project involved two hundred scientists, doctors and traditional Chinese medicine for twenty-four hundred twelve countries institutions. GP-TCM received EU funding of 1,1 million.


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