II y Qigong Taijiquan Forum – Universitat de Girona

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II y Qigong Taijiquan Forum – Universitat de Girona

The University of Girona was the scene of cultural exchange between the practitioners of Taijiquan and Qigong. Two intense days in which they were taught various workshops and conferences, also opened a round table to discuss issues related to both disciplines.

The event was organized by:

– Enric Mus, practitioner and teacher of Taijiquan and Qigong. Editor – March Hare.
– Javier Sanchez, Qigong practitioner and teacher. Traditional Chinese Medicine. Professor of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
– Michelangelo Cabrer, practitioner and teacher of Taijiquan, Qigong e Yiquan. Acupuncturist. Postgraduate Teacher in Japanese Acupuncture. (Classical Acupuncture Association).

And had the collaboration of:

– The Escola Superior de Tai Chi Qigong Wudang
– Qigong / Meditation
– CE Chen Taichi Vida
– Qigong Institute Barcelona

During the first day of the forum, Ivan Trujillo, Qigong Institute Associate Professor of Health held a workshop Qigong Ba Duan Jin, the most popular classic both inside and outside China. He explained the biomechanics and bioenergetics movements as well as physical health benefits, emotional and mental health of each of the exercises. Practitioners were delighted with the explanations of Ivan and the energy experience experienced.

Other attendees included Anne-Hélène Giraud Suarez, Sinologist and translator Spanish, Award-winning Angel Crespo and translation Stendhal. Among his many works are some of the essential works of Chinese thought, as the Analects and Daodejing, and some of the most outstanding poets of the Tang Dynasty, as Li Bai, Wang Wei o Bai Juyi. Anne spoke on "Between Heaven and Earth, the conception of the sage in the Laozi "that captivated the capacity.

During the Second Day, Núria Leonelli, Qigong taught a workshop on the faculty of the University. Practitioners were rooted in Mother Earth and following the pulse and rhythm of nature finally came into resonance with the evolution of the universe ....

At the round table, Núria clarified the concept of the term "Qigong" is a neologism, spread in the early years 50, and encompasses all ancient techniques aimed at the health and longevity: Dao Yin (Driving Guide the flow and vitality), Yang Sheng (Nourish the vital principle), Only and (Inhale and Exhale), Xing Qi (Promote breathing), Fu Qi (Absorb Vitality), Shi Qi (Nourish the vitality), Lian Qi (Cultivate the vitality), Tiao Qi (Regular vitality), Jing Zuo (Sit and Forget), Zuo Chan (Sit and meditate), Zuo Wang (Sit in Peace). When we speak of Qigong, understand each.

Source: Qigong Institute Barcelona

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