The Microcosmic Orbit

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The Microcosmic Orbit

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The Microcosmic Orbit

xiao zhou tianThe Microcosmic Orbit or Zhou Xiao Tian is a practice of Taoist internal alchemy by which increases throughput and optimized Qi during his tour of the extraordinary channels Du Mai and Ren Mai that are connected together to form a closed circuit. The energy orbits around the 3 Dan Tians Human Body, by what is called Xiao Zhou Tian or microcosmic orbit, since man is understood as a small cosmos.

Usually the Qi circulates the "idle" for these channels, jams and blockages suffering due to poor posture and crystallization caused by emotions or repressed thoughts expressed. When channels Du Mai and Ren Mai are drained (Drain Definition: Give current output and dead water or excessive humidity of the land, trenches or through pipes) and have no deadlocks or dispersions guarantee free passage to a good flow of energy. Then the practitioner has an energy endowment is key to physical health, emotional and mental.

Du Mai and Ren Mai belong to the eight extraordinary meridians which are responsible for administering the Yuan Qi or Vital Energy Original, is inherited and therefore limited reserve. They pour their energy meridians to Original Vital 12 main meridians where vital energy that circulates Nourishing latter is in default, or if it is in excess collected through connection points which act as gate.

The practice is especially suitable for preventing and mitigating character pathologies of congenital or hereditary diseases. When a failure or irregular activity is Prenatal Qi Yuan and therefore congenital, is suitable drain 8 extraordinary channels to channel vital energy and strengthen the original. The origin and development of disease occurs as a result of both hereditary and acquired factors are interdependent and influence each other, therefore it is desirable practice Qigong systems comprising preventing both types of pathology.

The ideal posture is sitting. You can sit in a chair that does not have armrests, bend your knees to allow 90 º to rest your feet on the ground at a distance equal to the width of the shoulders. It keeps your spine straight without resting on the back of the chair so that your thighs form with another angle of 90 °. Relaxed palms are placed over the thighs. They relax the shoulders, chest sinks and squint. The mouth is closed and the tongue rests on the palate. You can also sit on the floor with legs crossed, placing feet under thighs plants out. Place your hands in front of the abdomen, left right above; the right hand thumb press-Ziwen-, linking wrinkle palm and ring finger of the left hand, the tips of the thumb and middle finger of the left hand touch. This position is called Sun Wu Shi Zi, and is the one adopted Taoist Masters. You can also put both hands palms down on your knees. For Westerners the sitting position on the floor occurs within a certain time numbness in the legs, therefore ideal to sit on a cushion or on a phone book thus keeping the hips relaxed posture thus becomes more convenient and comfortable. The practice of the microcosmic orbit always done sitting, on a chair or on the floor:

xiao zhou tian xiao zhou tian xiao zhou tian xiao zhou tian

First is generated and gets Yuan Qi, through process and transformation of Jing Yuan or kidney Primordial Essence that have been activated through abdominal breathing, happens and is stored in the Lower Dan Tian. Posteriormente, by the mental consciousness and breathing induces (Inducing Definition: Produce other bodies distance electric or magnetic phenomena. Instigate, persuade, move someone) Qi that runs from the lower Dan Tian Huiyin to the point and up the Du Mai channel and down channel Ren Mai to return back to the lower Dan Tian. The mind leads the Qi, Yi Qi Yi Yin, Taoists pray, energy movement is performed by a mental exercise induction and conveys the energy guide. During inspiration the Qi rises and low Qi expiration. You need to have the tongue resting on the palate (Da Qiao) and sphincter contracted (Ti Gang) in inspiration, to create a closed and sealed. With time and practice, Qi that accumulates in the Dan Tian is not dispersed and is circulated spontaneously in these two channels.

xiao zhou tian

In its orbit, active Qi few points of particular relevance are the following:

Du Mai Channel Points

1DM Changqiang or Growth Force Longevity
Located in the coccyx. At this point you can merge the energy of the earth, with sexual energy and refined energy of heaven. With point drained, the past is experienced as a source of goals achieved. With the point spread, the past is experienced as a prison and there unconscious fears that crop.

4DM Migmen or Door of Life
Located between the second and third lumbar vertebra and through the kidneys. When opening feels drained, generosity, abundance. When there is insecurity and fear spread. It connects with the kidneys, primordial essence reserves, roots of life and origin of the innate. The drainage point strengthens the kidney and thus overcomes fatigue. Prevent sexual problems such as impotence and premature ejaculation.

6DM Jizhong or Center Column
Situated between the eleventh and twelfth thoracic vertebra, near the adrenals. With point there is vitality and confidence drained. Activates the heart. The point spread gloom and can return promotes Old Fears.

10 DM Spirit Lingtai or terrace
Located between the sixth and seventh thoracic vertebra is a point opposite the heart. With no point feeling drained freedom, gratitude, appears the virtue of forgiveness. The point spread generates agitation and despair.

14 DM Dazhui or Great Prominence
Situated between the seventh cervical and first dorsal. Opposed to the throat. When drained, lets embrace the human sense, feeling connected with others. If is dispersed, the person is all negative and perceives a sense of not fitting. Yang is the highest point of Du Mai channel, it converge 3 Yang meridians of the hand.

17 DM Naohu Brain or Inner Gate
Located in the most sunken hollow occipital base, near the cerebellum. Controls breathing. Induces creative inspiration when drained, thickens when the mind is dispersed.

20 DM Hundred Baihui or meetings
At the apex of the cranial, located at the midpoint connecting the apices of the ears. It connects to the pineal gland. When drained, the person feels driven by superior forces, radiating happiness and peace. When there is widespread disappointment the person is victim or slave. The head is where all the Yang channels bind, Baihui unites 3 Yang meridians of the hand and 3 Yang meridians of the leg at the Du Mai and has the function of combining the qi at the top so vital activates the metabolism and gives clarity to the mind.

E.M. Yintang or Eye of Heaven
Located between the eyebrows. It is an extra-meridian point ie does not belong to Meridian, however there is a strong energy accumulation because it is communicating with the Superior Tian Dan. It is the center of wisdom and sense of direction. If you are not easily startled drained, awakens intuition and you have access to a spontaneous knowledge of things. If you remain dispersed, the mind wanders indecisive and directionless. Connected with Tianting (Extra Point), 20 DM Baihui and Gallbladder channel. Energy dispersion occurs at this point heavy and headache, migraines and congestion in the eyes.

28 DM Yinjiao or Yin Crossing
It is located in the maxillary gingiva, between the upper incisors and connecting means through the tongue, forming a bridge called Da Qiao, with point Chengjiang 24RM, Du to unite channels and Ren Mai Mai.

Ren Mai Channel Points

24 RM Chengjiang or liquid Reception
It is located in the hollow just above the chin. It connects to the Canal Du Mai Yinjiao.

22RM Tiandu or sign Celeste
Located in the hollow of the top of the sternum between the two clavicles. It is the center of communication and dreams. When drained, flowing expression and inspiration, if dispersed, the person becomes introverted, not like change. Drained prevents cough, sore throat, nausea and vomiting. At this point the energy converges Yang and Yin energy. Located on the upper chest, area that controls the Qi, ventilate the lungs and resolve phlegm problems. Indicated for lowering Qi to treat asthma and recover from hoarseness.

17RM Shanzhong or Breast Center
Located between the two nipple, near the heart. Has a strong energy accumulation, since it is connected with the medium dantian. Shanzhong unites 3 Yin meridians of the hand and 3 Yin meridians of the leg in the Ren Mai. It is the seat of joy, compassion and delivery. If the point is drained, the person is helpful and shows both a great respect for others. When one is unable to spread love and feel sorry for yourself. Used to treat cough, chest pain, dyspnea and pain in the dorsal. It cools the fire of the lungs and calms the mind and heart. Facilitates the flow of energy up or down to be between the lower and upper Dan Tian.

12RM Zhongwan or Central Barn
Located at the tip of the breastbone, in the solar plexus. When drained you feel free and eager to take risks in the interests of themselves and others. When dispersed it is invaded by concerns. Draining prevents stomach pain, acidity, bloating and diarrhea and strengthens the Spleen Qi. Connect with Taiyang and Shaoyang meridians of the hand and foot Yang Ming and Fu organs. Regulates the Middle Jiao Qi stagnation clears. Facilitates the movement of energy between the lower Dan Tian and the environment.

8RM Shenque or Emotional Palace Gate
Located in the navel. Balance and focus when open. Produces carelessness and cluelessness when closed. Qigong is common practice in the Shenque do rotations around for aposentar the Yuan Qi in the center. Can not be activated either by acupuncture or Tui Na.

6 RM Qihai or Sea of ​​Energy
Located 3 fingers below the navel. Has a strong energy accumulation, since it is connected with the lower dantian. As the name suggests, provides a sea of ​​peace and physical and emotional. When dispersed, we feel weak and dispirited. It is rather vital energy return congenital and fundamental point of abdominal breathing. Drain active and mobilizes Qi Yuan, Kidney Qi strengthens and warms the Lower Jiao.

3RM Zhongji or Highest Center
Situated above the pubic bone. When dispersed the individual is unable to enjoy life and becomes negative and defeatist. If you have drained like making projects with enthusiasm and creativity.

1RM Huiyin or Reunion with the Yin
Located in the perineum, between the genitals and anus. Connect with the energy of the earth. When the person feels drained solid, rooted, confident and at peace with himself. If it is closed, the person becomes lonely and insecure and afraid of change shows. Hui Yin is the point of origin of the channels Du Mai, Ren Mai and Chong Mai. During the practice of the microcosmic orbit this point begins to warm and beating, vehiculización on indicator and power.

The close of the orbit

In this circuit there 3 narrow sections or "bottlenecks" that the Taoists called steel walls or San Guan and must take into account.

The 3 are located during ascent, in the Du Mai channel and are as follows:

The coccyx or Weiluguan narrow
Coincides with the point 1DM Changqiang. As the coccyx is covered only by a thin muscle layer, energy channel is refined and dispersed at this point and is easy to appear obstructions. Induction of vital energy should be soft yet firm, is matched with inspiration and sphincter contraction (Ti Gang) which is directed toward this puento, action helps move Qi upward.

The narrow column or Jiajiguan
10DM point matches Lingtai (Located between the sixth and seventh thoracic vertebra is a point opposite the heart). If power fails to pass is deflected into the heart and accelerates. It is wise to pay close attention and be careful during this stretch. The key is to adopt a rigorous and consistent mental intention. Maximum concentration in the induction.

The Jade Pillow narrow or Yuszhenguan
Coincides with the point at the base Naohu 17DM cranial. It is a point difficult to transfer. Then look into the extent and with the firm intention vital energy is concentrated to prevent spreading, while it is made to rise toward the apex of the skull. Energy is induced from Baihui, stretches.

Source: Qigong Institute Barcelona

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