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Position Ma Bu

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Ma Bu or Rider position, is a position that represents a rider on horseback. This position is used in both systems Qigong as martial arts, and hence, very beneficial both therapeutic and martial.

To successfully adopt this position, be separated legs at an approximate distance of one meter, although logically depend on the height you have. The feet have to be parallel to one another and directed toward the front. The legs are bent to form, max, an angle of 90 ° between the tibia and femur. This bending, knees never exceed the tips of toes. The back must be straight and for this, making a pelvic tilt is achieved flatten the lower back, the lumbar. Keeping the chest upright achieves the same effect on the dorsal. And to the cervical region, to retract chin slightly flatten this area is achieved.

Benefits of Ma Bu

This is a very energetic and active properly conducted, by the internal lateral leg, the sinew of the kidneys, liver and spleen. The outer side face the sinew, gallbladder, the stomach and urinary bladder.

By activating the kidney meridian, This pose strengthens kidney function, the skeletal system, hair and nails. Activating the liver meridian improves the blood coagulation, will strengthen the muscles and tendons, and increases the body's defensive energy, Qi Wei. Activation of gallbladder meridian helps biliary function and returns to the muscles more resistant to climatic dislikes. The activation of bladder meridian balancing function helps filter and impure liquid descending to the kidneys, maintaining the purity of the blood.

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