The Taoist Inner Smile

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The Taoist Inner Smile

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Taoísta considered traditional practice Inner Smile is the most effective way to counteract stress in our lives. The smile is closely related to our thyroid gland. Smiling increases the energetic activity of this gland being opposed to stress, which in turn contracts the energy of the thyroid.

The Taoist sages say that when she smiles, organs secrete a substance which supplies the whole body, while emotions like fear and anger create toxins that block the passage of energy, affecting the health of the organs and the body in general.

Practice Inner Smile is to close the eyes, relax your mind and remember something very nice, something that makes us feel peace, wellbeing and happiness, which will draw a genuine smile on our face.

At that time we can feel even more the feeling of joy, and then we can "see" in our mind's eye the smile you have on your face, and thence carry our entire body.

The smile should feel and be perceived facial expression and well-being within us, and then project it to each body part, as if we we placed in front of that area and there with a sense of gratitude and joy we give a sincere smile.

This practice starts with the eyes and smiles to each of them separately. It continues with the nose and the mouth itself, as we see the same smile that we project. Then passed to the head, the hair, neck and neck, the upper limbs, the thorax and abdomen, after the genitals and then to the hips, thighs, legs and even feet and toes.

Then we enter into the body and headed first to the brain, then to the throat, from there to the lungs, heart, down to the organs of the abdomen, and liver, pancreas, stomach, spleen, bowels, gallbladder, kidneys, bladder and internal genitalia.

It is not necessary to know perfectly the anatomy, just imagine the body as it as we see fit and project the best of us in it. Usually only takes five to ten minutes maximum and immediately produces a feeling of inner peace, while leaving relaxing once "charged" for the day's work is coming. If there is a diseased or injured, is ideal to keep smiling so longer until we "feel" the welfare projects in the body. Is more distorted against a zone, greater should be the effort to put our best smile.

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