Natural Therapies, Alternatively increasing pain

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Natural Therapies, Alternatively increasing pain

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Head pain, Stomach, muscle aches, Toothache… Over 8 million Spanish suffer pain. On the occasion of the celebration of World Day Against Pain, Association of Professionals and Self Natural Therapies (APTN COFENAT) highlights the wide range of natural therapies to help reduce and improve the quality of life, notes while the increasingly frequent use of the same.



Over 8 million Spanish suffer the pain and one third suffer all his life. The so-called traditional medicines and complementary medicines and therapies include naturopathy, osteopathy, acupuncture or homeopathy, which can be great allies in combating osteoarthritis, back pain, Anxiety, muscle injuries, asthma and a long list of ailments.

Meanwhile, some manual therapies such as chiropractic, osteopathy and related techniques, including Qigong, Taichi, yoga, thermal medicine and other natural therapies, mental, spiritual and psychophysical, help many patients to relieve suffering stress-related, anxiety or anxieties of everyday. They are a great support to address and overcome disease, achieve harmony between body and mind, increase self-esteem and, generally, improved quality of life.

“The use of natural therapies to complement traditional medicine is increasing. Many, health professionals and health care systems are integrating different practices outside of conventional medicine in the treatment of diseases and ailments”, says the president of the APTN COFENAT, Roberto San Antonio. The reasons for the increasing trend of integration of traditional treatments and natural therapies are the benefits in the past:no chemicals are used and, therefore,no side effects.

But the benefits of Traditional Medicine and Complementary Medicines are not only therapeutic but also economic. “The particular level and savings in healthcare spending is a fact, who adds that this is a productive activity that generates growth and generate many jobs with a great impact on the economies”, says the president of the APTN COFENAT.

The sector moves annually through at least 5.000 professionals about natural therapies 5.400 million per year, those costs are added in herbal, whose places may get to sell more than a month 3.000 euros a month in food products, Natural cosmetics to food supplements to treat joints, catarros, etc..

No and vano, Traditional Medicines and Complementary Medicines gain prestige in the world, according to the World Health Organization, to the increase in non-response to chronic diseases and the high costs of health care, especially in countries such as Spain, where the aging population is a fact.

The reality is that millions of people worldwide rely on some forms of traditional medicine (ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, etc.) in certain societies and Asian communities, Latin American and African, among which include not only China, bell countries like Singapore the Japón. Are used to meet the needs of primary care, for cultural reasons, economic or as an alternative or complement to conventional medicine. In fact, according to the president of the APTN COFENAT, are made around 200.00 annual consultations in Spain and the trend is increasing.

“On World Day Against Pain is necessary to emphasize the benefit of Natural Therapies major cause of medical consultation, but remember that it is not necessary to benefit from having it Natural Therapies. Just to want to improve the quality of life in general and get a new perspective on health”, concludes Roberto San Antonio.

Source: Europa Press

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