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The Three Treasures – San Bao

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The Three Treasures – San Bao


According to the vision Taoist, life depends on Three Treasures: the Essence (Jing), the ItVital nergy (Qi) and Itspíritu (Shen).

The ESSENCE or Jing refers to the physical body, including all materials that constitute basic. The essence is a form of energy potential, from which the body uses energy when you need it.

The prenatal substance is that original creative force of the cosmos, universal greed procreate and perpetuate. Each individual receives a fixed measure of the prenatal essence of fusion of sperm and egg of his father and mother. After birth, this primordial essence is stored both in the adrenal cortex and in the sexual secretions of male and female reproductive organs. Thus passed to the next generation through sexual reproduction and therefore is considered immortal and self-perpetuating.

The postnatal essence is extracted from the food and water. Is stored in the liver, blood and spinal cord. Takes the form of fluids such hormones, enzymes, neurotransmitters, CSF, lymphatic fluid, blood plasma and other biochemical essences. It also manifests as gender and sexuality, adds strength, vitality and immunity and is wasted by men through excessive loss of semen, women through menstruation and both through stress, malnutrition and disease. The postnatal essence resides in the sacrum and is related to sexual and digestive functions.

The VITAL ENERGY or Qi is the primordial life force, which recharge every cell and tissue of the body and its vital functions active. It is the life force that activates each function and manages every process in the body, both voluntary and involuntary. Without it nothing would work.

The energy prenatal is the primary power that pervades the entire universe, which manifests itself as heat, light, movement and other universal energies. Prenatal energy manifests in humans as various energies associated with major organ systems, and as body heat, breathing, pulse, and other forms of bioenergy. This energy is obtained from two sources: one is of the essence transforming prenatal stored in the adrenal cortex and the sex glands. Each person is born with a limited amount of it. The other source refers to heaven and cosmos.

The postnatal energy is obtained from the food, water, herbs and other supplementary materials, and air. Food is digested to extract vital nutrients, which subsequently transformed into energy body. When the energy of air from the lungs into the blood is mixed with the energy of the ground from the digestive system, form what is known as "true human energy", fundamental force temporary human life.

Human energy resides in the chest and is closely associated with breathing and blood circulation, the heart and lungs. Taoist medical texts say that 'the energy leads to the blood', This means that where the blood flows, and energy is the circulation of blood can then be controlled by regulation of respiration. This is one of the fundamental principles in practice Qigong.

The SPIRIT Shen and covers all aspects of the mind, both human and primordial, including awareness and knowledge, thought and feeling, will and commitment, and lies at the heart.

The prenatal spirit is the primordial mind, the immortal soul. It is immaterial consciousness and lies at the heart.

The postnatal spirit manifests itself as thought and sensory awareness, psyche and personal ego, and as the notion of self. The postnatal human mind resides in the head and expresses itself through the brain functions.

The vast majority of people unconsciously enable emotional and physical stimuli, govern its essence and energy. Taoists consciously use their minds to master their energy, and energy pass control their essences.

The Three Treasures are a crucial aspect of the trinity flowing along the Taoist philosophy. Anatomically, the Three Treasures: Essence, Vital Energy and Spirit, are placed in the sacrum, thorax and brain, respectively where they are manifested as fluid, breathing and thinking.

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