Chinese Medicine, more needles

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Chinese Medicine, more needles

moxibustionAcupuncture is the specialty of the Traditional Chinese Medicine that has impacted the West; in fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) in its report "Acupuncture: Review and analysis of reports on controlled clinical trials ", collects all those symptoms and conditions for which efficacy has been proven. However, Chinese medicine is more than just needles.

Phytotherapy, el Tui Na, regulación la de los hábitos dietéticos, practice Chi Kung or moxibustion are other branches of medicine but considered as an alternative therapy that is over 4.000 años de Existência.

La medicina tradicional china Según se basa el doctor Carlos Llopis, secretario de la Fundación Europea de Medicina China, Internal energy in regular en que hay en el cuerpo buscando un equilibrio entre el individuo y el exterior.

Richard Thomas, President of the Commission of Traditional Chinese Medicine Association of Professional Natural Therapies (APTN-COFENAT), explains that the most commonly used acupuncture, herbal medicine and Tui Na massage. "When we talk about acupuncture Chinese medicine, is an idea that should be changing, but it is the reality of time ", comments.

According to this expert, TCM can address all kinds of energy imbalances, pain the most common, but can also be applied in gynecological, menstrual pain, mood disorders, insomnia, stress or anxiety, inter alia.

"The way to diagnose Chinese medicine is also very different to conventional medicine. Pulse Pounding, observation of the person (stance, gestures, skin color or tongue), your voice and your body breath or smell, are common tactics to determine the overall energy state ", says Richard.

The Pharm.D EFEsalud Carlos Llopis account that is every one of the techniques that form the Traditional Chinese Medicine:

PhytotherapyFitoterapia. Is the use of medicinal plants for regulation of the body or parts that are altered. The difference with Western herbal medicine is not only important active principles but it also takes into account for example the taste and it has this certain reactions in the body.

"The main ingredients are medicinal plants, formerly also used although other elements such as parts of animals or minerals such as gypsum and talc ", adds Llopis.

Tui Na. Are manual therapies action seeking specific energy points. Its application has numerous benefits for blood circulation, muscles or joints but also to internal problems such as childhood enuresis, to help control involuntary urine loss.

zhan zhuangThe Chi Kung or Qi Gong is performing very deliberate movements in which the ultimate goal is to improve working with body energy flow, mind and breath. The great advantage is that it can perform both elderly and young because there is a great effort the practitioner and helps keep joints lubricated all.

Acupuncture. Involves the insertion of fine needles into certain few key points with channels running through the body and regulate the body's energy balance.

Moxibustion. Acting on these same points but applying local heat by pure artemisia and windy. The moxa usually come prepared and can be crushed to make a paste and apply it on a needle in acupuncture or moxa cigars, approaching skin, produce virtually no ash.

Social demand

Dr. Carlos Llopis states that the user profile of this medicine has evolved in recent decades. "Twenty years ago the person was looking for this medication as a last resort, but now the population looking directly, either because they have heard a family member or friend about it or because it has been personally informed ", ensures.

Regarding the formation, things have changed. The European Foundation Traditional Chinese Medicine leads twenty-three years working on the dissemination, teaching, defense research and practice of Chinese medicine in Spain and Europe, with the support of numerous institutions and Chinese medical universities.

Llopis says he began courses in collaboration with the University of Beijing and Yunan with 15 school; "At present we have more than 900 enrolled in our centers in Barcelona, Amposta, Madrid and Valencia ".

Both the Foundation and the Association APTN-COFENAT, advocate the regulation of these college as in other countries such as Germany, England or Australia. "It is an issue that calls for Urge to sleep because of the society and in the market you can find people with qualified and prepared and one that is not sleep", explains.

Moreover, the doctor Llopis also speaks of the possible identification of the medicine that can be done between China and the massages on the street and said that this is nothing good image because it relega status of this medicine to a third.

"We have what we want is that the sea that having this medicine professionals, rigorous and serious and it needs a good training that ultimately impact on the user ", points.

Source: EFE : Health

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