[dropcap] The [/dropcap]to Meditation is an ancient practice that through the centuries and enriched by the different spiritual traditions that have been used, has helped practitioners learn to interrupt your internal dialogue and generate a mental state of silence where flowers serenity and wellbeing. In other words, Meditation is a state in which the body is relaxed, the mind is calm and live the sensations of the moment.

The essence of meditation is to establish a state of consciousness where the practitioner can observe himself, realizing that you are not your thoughts, and these are reality, but merely that, thoughts flowing incessantly and the meditator notes. Thus meditation allows us to discover our inner observer.


There are so many benefits of meditation practice, we could write lines and lines and not end up never. For starters we can say that research has shown that meditation is a safe and simple way to balance the physical states, mental and emotional.


[highlight]Physically[/highlight], through deep breathing, which is the backbone of any meditation practice, reduces fatigue and muscle tension to increase the circulation of oxygen to the muscles. Helps reduce heart disease and strengthen the immune system. Induces relaxation, which reduces stress, tension, the occurrence of insomnia and headaches.


[highlight]Emotionally[/highlight], the regular practice of meditation brings peace and tranquility by balancing the nervous system. In turn wide awareness of thought processes.


[highlight]A spiritual level[/highlight], helps connect with the essence of your being, disconnecting you from the ego. Gives a deep sense of [highlight2]"Belonging to all"[/highlight2] and helps to detach from the problems and external circumstances.




[dropcap] The [/dropcap]to stand for excellence is the lotus posture (crossed legs and feet placed above the thighs of the opposite leg). Then there's the middle lotus (the left foot under the right leg and right foot over the left thigh).

You can also sit in an easy position, with crossed legs and feet on the floor. A hard pad under the buttocks help keep your back straight and avoid discomfort in the feet and legs. You can also sit on a chair or bench, even if, if possible, trying to back straight.


[dropcap] The [/dropcap]you shoulders and arms should be relaxed.

No need to press against the body but kept a few centimeters apart to allow air circulation. Hand or gestures are numerous mudras, each with different functions and objectives.

The Back

[dropcap] It [/dropcap]s most important.
You must be straight, relaxed and slightly stretched. This is achieved by entering a little chin to produce a micro cervical stretching and doing a pelvic retroversion to straighten the spine in the lumbar.


[dropcap] P [/dropcap]ueden be closed or slightly open to let some light pass.

In the latter case the gaze is directed downwards and this is done to avoid sleepiness.


[dropcap] It [/dropcap]stará relaxed and slightly spaced teeth, Loosely.
The mouth also has to be totally relaxed, lips lightly touching.


[dropcap] The [/dropcap]a tip should touch the palate, just behind the upper teeth.
This reduces the secretion of saliva and, therefore, the need to swallow.

Both become major obstacles to meditation as your concentration increases.

The Head

[dropcap] It [/dropcap]l neck should slope slightly downward so your eyes naturally is pointing towards the ground, in front of you.


There are many different types of meditation. Two of the most popular are the method Taoist Wang Zuo and Vipassana Budista:


Taoist Meditation Zuo Wang

Zuo Wang significa [highlight2]"Sit and forget."[/highlight2]

In this type of meditation requires one to forget or lose all the sensations of your body. In the book Zhuang Zi, written by the Chinese philosopher of the same name, who lived between approximately 369 and 390 a.c., is said: "Rid the body, leaving the intellect, Steer clear of the tangible and depart from consciousness and find yourself immersed in the great unity, Wang Zuo call. "

When the practitioner forgets his feelings, Reviews, beliefs, judgments, even forgets his own identity and forgets that he is forgetting, then undergoes its original nature.


Buddhist Meditation Vipassana

Vipassana significa [highlight2]"See things as they are."[/highlight2]

The practice of Vipassana involves a fluid attention to what is happening at the moment, both internally and externally, without trying to change, judge or analyze.

The practitioner tries to observe, conscious, whatever happens, without clinging or avoid any stimulus or experience in particular. By not identifying with the stimuli, meditators can free themselves from their habitual responses and open to new ways of perceiving their experiences.


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