The Mystery of the Human Body Meridians

The Mystery of the Human Body Meridians

Chinese theory of meridians is a mystery of the scientific world, How he met Chinese medicine meridians? What is the function of the meridians? What recent studies they discovered? These problems are under the focus of concern.

The emergence of the meridians theory has a long history, and it has been continuously strengthened and developed in medical practice. ago 2000 years ago, medical book "The internal ying Yellow Emperor" had registered the meridians.

Chinese medicine believes that meridians are access to the human body qi, the meridian is attached to the viscera, and it spreads throughout the body; connects the organs and tissues as a coherent whole entity. The meridian system has played an important role in physiology, pathology and disease prevention.

The ancient medical scientists believed that life was part of the universe, and it has the same regular operation the universe. This view guided ancient Chinese medicine, and thus it was connected closely with physics, astronomy, geography and philosophy of that era.

People have astonished because anatomical methods of modern medicine (Western medicine) They are ineffective to understand the meridians. However, many people expressed doubts about the existence of meridians and Qi.

In fact, everyone has meridians, although they can not be seen or touched, but under certain conditions they can be perceived. Chinese scientists have found that about 1% people have sensitivity to the meridians.

Chinese scientists have tested the objectivity of the meridians using modern scientific experiments. A scientist from the Chinese Academy of Science devised a series of highly sensitive equipment and discovered that the meridians are lines that emit luminescence, they fired 2,5 times more photons that a line that is not meridian. The meridian line is a lower electrical resistance compared to their respective sides skin. By injecting tracer elements in the meridian line, the tracer elements spread along the meridian line.

The famous scientist skin, student of medicine, Professor Li noted Dingzhong 305 cases of skin diseases, He found that injuries occur along the meridian lines. The discovery caused a tremendous shock in international medicine, Japan also published the book by Professor Li The phenomenon of the meridians (upper and lower volumes).

Meridian research is still in a stage of phenomenological study, and it is far from reaching the level at which clearly shows the meridians, Qi in front of everyone, which it is far from being able to reach the level of revealing the mystery of the meridians. What exactly are the meridians? It is still a mystery. Once the mystery is solved, a new scientific revolution is inevitable.

Source: The Epoch Times

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