Qigong and Osteoporosis

Qigong and Osteoporosis

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woman qigongThe osteoporosis It is a silent disease, bone mass loss is taken place without giving notice thereof. Only when very advanced usually to face. Europe, approximately every 2 minutes, fracture occurs due to this disease in 3 women 1 man.

Our medical system primarily advises two things: One is to monitor the power conducting calcium supplements, and the second advice we give is exercise, from walking every day until the maintenance guy gymnastics. This is where the Qigong also fits. This exercise considered mild to moderate in itself already is beneficial but according to Chinese medicine gives an edge compared to other styles of gymnastics.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine one of the main factors of osteoporosis is the lack of "energy”, Qi, in the kidneys. The second important factor is the lack of harmony between the functions of spleen and stomach. And when we talk about kidneys also can not forget that the adrenals, that are on the kidneys, are part of this system and are responsible for producing among other substances, two hormones, cortisol and adrenaline that are generated when we suffer stress, aggravating the problem. It is known that one of the factors that accelerate this disease is stress.

The first symptoms, but not of osteoporosis if this mismatch in these systems, begin when a general weakness, fatigue and joint pains, especially in the knees, the waist and lower back. Normal are also ringing in the ears and dizziness, frequent urination, Sensitivity appears particularly in the extremities and toes, coming to find cases that tell us that even in summer they get cold feet. It also produces a dry mouth.

With Qigong, apart from the external exercise muscles and joints, is capable of working on these systems Kidney, Spleen and Stomach improving the flow of energy in them. With the improvement of these systems are achieving the state of our bones also improves.

Day by day, people who practice Qigong they are finding better. Not only for that moment of peace, tranquility, serenity but because it provides them with more forces are, flexible, more capable. The decrease aches and general fatigue is becoming smaller. Qigong we can ensure that works inside and outside note.

Another advantage that this technique provides Qigong is that it corrects posture. This fact by itself already has the effect of increasing bone strength. Recovering Going vertical balance and makes it easier for our bones and joints are nourished increasingly strong. Poor posture generate much tension and make us lose a lot of energy. Quit wearing just break even and end joints causing pain. It is found that some exercises Qigong correcting spinal problems just as lordosis.

Practice in a school, with a teacher, may be one day a week or better if prefer several, two or three, is a very important as it will slowly learning styles, correcting postures, entering in the world of Qigong because not only are the exercises but learn other related topics such as meditation, breathing and relaxation, Also self-massage, stretching, All work done with this discipline also teamwork is always very helpful and rewarding, but it is also very important these 15 or 30 minutes daily, we do at home or in the field where we focus on ourselves and internalize the movement, synchronize it with the breath and in which we put all our attention. Preventing, halting and reversing osteoporosis is essential that individual daily work, learned work.

Qigong We will provide lighter, more security, more flexibility, more energy, will make us feel more at ease with ourselves, and give us more bone mass… All the ingredients needed to prevent, stop and reverse osteoporosis.

We can say without fear Qigong We will rejuvenate like the elixir of youth. The exercises are not difficult to perform, not require great efforts. They are simple, suitable for anyone and any condition. They learn fast.

Recent studies have shown that the usual practice of Qigong an increase in estrogen levels in women even in people after menopause. This fact is very important because it is one of the factors which accelerate the process of bone mass loss, addition to preventing heart disease.

One study published a few years ago talking about the effects of style Qigong about 44 women past menopause (43 Control) during 3 months significantly associated measuring the bone density and demonstrating the effectiveness of this system.

They have posted an article with the monitoring of a person ( with bone loss around the 40%, that after a year of daily practice Qigong, have yielded reversing the disease process, and this year being the only one who have introduced new daily habits.

In 1994 a controlled study of a group of people detected increased 8,6% average of bone density after continued daily practice Qigong.


Source: Body and Soul

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