Qigong is a physical activity that the body, mediante el movimiento y la postura, la respiración diafragmática y la mente atenta y focalizada, en pos del bienestar físico, mental and emotional

The Qigong, que se puede traducir como “trabajo con la energía vital”, pertenece a la Medicina Tradicional China, igual que la acupuntura, la moxibustión, el masaje tuina y la fitoterapia.

La Medicina Tradicional China ve al cuerpo humano como una unidad psicofísica, lo que significa que cualquier alteración que afecte a alguno de los cuerpos físico, mental o emocional, lo hará del mismo modo a los otros dos, desequilibrando de esta manera la energía vital que los recorre, el Qi.

Los primeros escritos que se tienen sobre Qigong datan del siglo XXVI antes de Cristo, which is mentioned in the book called “Classic of the Yellow Emperor Internal Medicine”, attributed to the mythical founding emperor Huang Di Chinese civilization.

Qigong, through certain postures and physical exercises, is able to restore the lost balance, thereby obtaining, with standard practice, improved quality of life for those people with a disease, and even may reach fully recover health.

Similarly Qigong, with your movements relaxed and harmonious, helps increase the production of that vital energy and optimizes circulation and distribution, so you can more easily reach every part of our body. Thereby, Qigong reinforces our immune system and becomes a potent broad spectrum preventive therapy.

There is a wide range of systems Qigong, and it is estimated that China has more than 100 different systems. These systems can be sorted by philosophical, namely, Taoist, Tibetan Buddhist or; for Medical School or Martial; in Internal or External; in Static or Dynamic.

The most popular systems mentioned above are as follows:


Ba Duan Jin

Ba Duan Jin or The Eight Brocades

This system is the most popular qigong and traditional Chinese culture within, with simple aerobic moves.

Liu Zi Jue

Liu Zi Jue, or Six Healing Sounds

This system combines gentle and graceful movements with different syllables phonation, which helps to balance the energy and functions of internal organs.

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Wu Qin Xi

Wu Qin Xi or The Play Of The Five Animals

Qigong system based on the imitation of animal movements.

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Yi Jin Jing

Yi Jin Jing or The Muscle-Tendon Change

This system is designed to get a good physical, to strengthening the muscles and tendons.

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