Emotions and Qigong of 5 Animales o Wu Qin Xi

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Emotions and Qigong of 5 Animales o Wu Qin Xi

EmotionsThe human, to interact with peers, daily experience a wide range of emotions, such as anger, euphoria, concern, sadness and fear.

When these emotions are experienced in an intense or dramatic, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the flow of energy or Qi travels through the body, and therefore organs, can be affected. For example, the sadness caused by the loss of a loved one, can cause an imbalance in the energy of the lungs, as it causes fear in the kidneys. These energetic imbalances, if they persist, you can get to manifest in the body as illnesses.

When improperly managed an emotion alters energy balance and leads to organ dysfunction, the Traditional Chinese Medicine, through certain exercises Qigong, can restore the lost balance.

The correspondence between organs and emotions, and how to restore this energy imbalance through exercises Qigong Five Animals the Doctor Hua Tuo, described below:

The liver is associated with anger. This body is responsible for distributing the Qi throughout the body, and regulating the amount of blood that runs. When a person expresses anger, cause your Qi is weak or pond, or that it rises to the head. As a result this person he will be seen with the eyes and flushed face, can cause dizziness and headaches. Exercising Qigong suitable for energy balance and keep the liver in good condition is the deer.

At heart he is associated with the euphoria. The heart is the body responsible for monitoring the blood and blood vessels, and who has the spirit. Although joy is the emotion that is paired, an excess of any of the other emotions alter the smooth flow of Qi of the heart. As in the case of the liver, when joy is reflected in excess, Qi of this amount to the head. A person with heart Qi is unbalanced can see the euphoric, agitated, with a disproportionate joy with easy sweating. Exercising Qigong Monkey is a good way to give back to the heart its energy balance.

The spleen is related to the concern. The spleen is to climb the energy from food into the lungs and food down the digestive tract. When a person is worried for some reason and will not stop beating around without finding a solution, your spleen energy drop and stagnate in the solar plexus, producing weakness and heaviness, can cause loss of appetite and digestive problems. Having cold extremities is another symptom of malfunctioning spleen Qi. Exercising Qigong Bear is the one to harmonize and disperse stagnant energy solar plexus caused by concern.

The lungs are associated with sadness and melancholy. The lungs have a rising function, downlink and expansion in terms of what concerns energy, and collecting food Qi, regulates fluids and distributes energy meridians throughout the body. When a person you're blue, and especially not externalized, Your body weakens, because its energy flow stops. This person will be seen hunched, crestfallen, little and slow movements talkative. Imitating bird movements, according to the number of Qigong the Doctor Hua Tuo, help restore the flow of Qi through the meridians.

The kidneys are associated with fear and terror. The kidney energy is a function both upstream and downstream, since cleared up liquids into the lungs and eliminates impure liquids abroad. The fear causes energy sink, to fall even through the legs, causing the person suffering suffering from tremors, weakness, even a uncontrollable desire to urinate. Perform the exercise of Qigong Tiger will help to rise again kidney Qi.

  By Ivan Trujillo

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