A healthy body pressing points Hegu, Neiguan y Zusanli

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A healthy body pressing points Hegu, Neiguan y Zusanli


The point Hegu is in the area between the thumb and index finger. It is in the large intestine meridian point is Number Four. Pressing the point and helps treat headaches, facial paralysis and diseases affecting the five senses.

The point Neiguan is about two inches from the wrist crease. Is the number six spot heart meridian teacher, and press this point mainly helps treat heart palpitations, high blood pressure, epilepsy, asthma, stomach ache, nausea and vomiting.

And you could say that is the most important of the three is the point called Zusanli. This is approximately seven to ten inches below the center of the knee. It belongs to the stomach meridian and point number thirty six. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine has the function of regulating the stomach, replenish energy, promote circulation through the meridians and dispel wind and dampness.

The modern scientific research confirms that performs acupuncture point Zusanli stimulates the stomach and intestines, well as a variety of digestive enzyme activities and. You can increase appetite, aid digestion, improve the brain's ability, improve cardiac function, increase the production of white and red blood cells and hemoglobin and levels of endocrine hormones and enhance the body's resistance to disease.

Acupuncture in point Zusanli also helps prevent stomach pains and abdominal, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, hepatitis, Gallbladder inflammation and high blood pressure.

Zusanli, Hegu and Neiguan are three of the main acupuncture points used in medical treatments Antique.

In recent years, Chinese scientists discovered that massage in these three acupoints benefits the nerves of the body, muscles, tissues and organs; the positive effects outweigh those of any physical sport.

It is recommended to press your thumb or middle finger points Zusanli, Hegu and Neiguan, for five minutes each, and between 15 and 20 times, for benefits.

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Kissing the Earth with Yong Quan to Walk

piesYong Guan is a point in the plant of our feet, by which we connect with the Qi (energy) Earth and, therethrough, with other beings that inhabit this planet. Are the lips to kiss our feet while walking land.

Yong Chinese translates as "jet" and Quan, "source". Yong Quan could translate as "bubbling well", "Fuente emerging" o "manantial".

It is also noted as the place where the water emerges from the ground, as the kidney meridian terminal.

This spring, point of connection to the Earth Qi, is located in the center of the soles of our feet, near the base of the thumb, about a third of the distance between the toe and heel of our foot.

1 - wu chi

In practice Qigong and Tai Chi, this point or place for which we connect deeply with the Earth is of great importance. Starting from the position wu chi we connect with the earth imagining that the soles of our feet send roots, feeling trees, that penetrate the earth to its deepest core, Nadir, from which we receive energy and stability.

If our sensitivity connection with power is developed, we feel, when standing in stance wu chi or walking in a conscious, in walking meditation, how from the bottom of our feet bubbles that chi or vital energy, from land, ascends through our legs, on its inner side, hasta el Dan Tian, fundamental center of energy in the lower abdomen.

baihui20vgMeeting place between heaven and earth

It, Once connected to the earth, we open our connection to heaven, through the door Baihui, the highest point of our head, Qi descend from Heaven, as a rush of energy, to our dan tian, thus effecting the encounter with the Earth Qi. We become that synthesis and fusion connection between Heaven and Earth.

Yong Guan, to soothe the spirit

As acupoint, is activated to provide calm and serenity to the spirit and headaches down. It's like channel excess energy down, Quan Yong giving status grounded.

How to apply acupressure to Yong Quan?

Sit in a straight chair, up the ankle of the left leg above the knee or thigh of the right leg. Hold your left foot with your right hand (with both the), while the right thumb massages the yong quan. Do this for 2 the 3 minutes, and change of foot.

dooosConnect Yong Quan and Lao Gong

In the same position, with his foot on the knee, apply the palm of the opposite hand on the sole of the foot, to coincide with the Yong Quan Lao Gong. Do this for 2 the 3 minutes, and change of foot and hand. This exercise activates the kidney-heart axis: connection between the energy of Water (Can) and energy of Fire (Li).

Source: Chi Association of Andalusia

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Extraordinary Point Yin Tang

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yintangIn addition to the many existing distributed sensitive points along the meridians of energy that includes the Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are a number of points that are not assigned to any of these meridians, the Extraordinary Points. One of the most important is the so called Yin Tang, which is located in the center of the line connecting both eyebrows.

According to Taoist philosophy, Tang Yin is the center of the human spirit resides, Shen.

For practitioners of Qigong This point is known as the Dan Tian Superior and in Hindu philosophy, as the sixth Chakra or energy vortex.

Stimulating this point with a gentle massage in circles, is indicated to relieve migraine and various types of headaches, dizziness, nose problems such as nasal obstruction, rhinorrhea, epistaxis or nosebleed, eye problems, relieves symptoms related to the nervous system such as insomnia, calms the mind, relaxes the spirit and expels Wind.

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