STORY: The Ring Master

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STORY: The Ring Master

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Ring - TeacherI come, teacher, because I feel so little that I have no strength to do anything. I say I'm no good, I do not do anything right, I'm pretty goofy and silly. How I can improve? What can I do to value me more?

The teacher without looking, le dijo:

-So sorry boy, I can not help, I must first solve my own problem. Maybe later ... and pausing added: if you would like me to help you, I could solve this problem faster and then maybe I can help.

-E ... happy, teacher- hesitated the young, but felt that it was again devalued and their needs neglected. Well, nodded the master. Removed a ring on the little finger and gave it to the boy, Added:

-Take the horse that is out there and ride to the market. I must sell this ring because I have to pay a debt. You must obtain for him the greatest possible sum, but do not accept less than a gold coin. Go back to that currency as fast as possible. The young man took the ring and left. Only llegó, began offering the ring to the merchants. They looked at him with some interest, until the young man said what he meant by the ring.

When the young man mentioned the gold coin, some laughed, others were turning the face alone in a little old man was so kind as to take the trouble to explain that a gold coin was invaluable to deliver in exchange for a ring. In an effort to help, someone offered him a piece of silver and copper pileup, but the young man was instructed not to accept less than a gold coin and rejected the offer.

After offering his jewel to anyone who crossed the market, over one hundred people, dejected by his failure mounted his horse and returned. How I wish the young have that gold coin! You could then habérsela delivered himself the master to free him from concern and then receive help and advice. He entered the room.

-Master said- sorry, You can not get what you asked. Maybe you could get two or three silver coins, I do not think that I can fool anyone about the true value of the ring.

-How important what you said, Smiling young friend, 'said the master-. We must first know the true value of the ring. Reassemble and go to jeweler. Who better than he to know? Tell him you want to sell the ring and ask for it as it gives you. But no matter what they offer, not sell it. Come back here with my ring. The Mistress volvío to cabalgar.

The jeweler examined the ring to light the lamp with his magnifying glass, weighed it and then told:

-Dile to the master, boy, if you want to sell and, I can not give you more than 58 gold coins for your ring.

-58 COINS! -exclaimed the young.

– Yes, -replied the jeweler- I know that with time we could get for him near 70 coins, I do not know ... if it's urgent sale ...
The girl ran home excited to tell the teacher what happened.

-Sit down, 'said the teacher after hearing- You are like this ring: A gem, valuable and unique. And as such, You can only truly evaluate yourself an expert. How is your life pretending that anyone discover your true value? So saying, she put the ring on the little finger. –

We are all like this gem, valuable and unique and we walk through life markets inexperienced people claiming that we assess.

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Story: The Keys to Happiness

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keyOn a dark and hidden dimension of the Universe were gathered all the great gods of antiquity willing to gastarle a big joke to humans. Actually, was the biggest joke of life on Earth.

To carry out the big joke, first of all, determined which would be the place that humans would cost them more to get. Once learned, deposited there KEYS OF HAPPINESS.

-The hide in the depths of the oceans, 'said one of them-.

-No way, said another-. The human being in his wits scientific advance and will be able to find them without problem.

-We could hide in the depths of the volcano, 'said another of these-.

-No replied the other-. As would be able to dominate the waters, also be able to control fire and mountains.

-Why not under the deeper rocks and solid earth? -said another.

-No way, said a co-. Do not spend a few thousand years that man can probe the subsurface and remove all stones and precious metals you want.

-I have already! -said one who until then had not said anything. Hide keys in the highest clouds in the sky.

-Nonsense, said another of the present-. We all know that humans do not take long to fly. Soon find the keys to Happiness.

A great silence fell at the meeting of gods. One that stood out as the most ingenious, said with joy and solemnity:
-Hide the keys of happiness in a place where man, seeking more, be long, Presumably long or imagine ...

-Where?, Where?, Where? -asked insistently and eager curiosity that knew the brilliance and lucidity of that god-.

-The place of the universe that men take longer to look and therefore take longer to find it: inside your heart.

Everyone agreed. He concluded the meeting of gods. The Keys of Happiness would be hidden within the heart of every man.

Tale of Jose Saramago.

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The Fox and the Tiger

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fox & tiger

A tiger catched a fox.

A mí no me puedes eating dijo el-fox. El Emperador del Cielo Design I king of all them animals. If I eat, Emperor you punish him for disobeying sus Ordenes. Y if you believe in me, come with me. You'll find them all how animals Huyen just see me and nobody approaches.

He tiger accessed acompañarlo them and just them otros animals veían llegar, escaped. He feared that tiger creyó al fox y cuenta occurred in which he escaped by.

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El hombre who lost her memory. Cuento Taoist

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memoryAccount Lieh Tzu that there was once a man named Hua Zi, Li Yang who lived in and had lost all memory. In the afternoon, forgot what he had said in the morning; next morning, not remember what he had done the previous day. When going somewhere, not remember where I was and forgot the way back. I had forgotten until when walking or sitting.

His family was very concerned. I did not know what to do. They suffered because they did not recognize. And although he looked Hua Zi peaceful and happy in your situation, were seriously concerned about the. They went to diviners and healers of all kinds. In vain. The diagnosis of the leading physicians of the time, I used to agree that there was some disharmony between liver unrecoverable, the lungs and spleen, with involvement of the kidneys and heart. They declared unable to cure.

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Story: Carrots, Eggs and Coffee

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carrot egg coffeeThere was once a daughter who often complained to her father about her life and how things were so hard. I did not know how to do to go ahead and thought he would give up. She was tired of fighting. It seemed that when a problem solved, appeared another.

His father, one chef, took her to his place of work. She filled three pots with water and placed each on a high fire. Soon the three pots water was boiling. In one he placed carrots, in the second she placed eggs and the last she placed ground coffee beans.

Las dejó hervir sin decir palabra. La hija esperó impacientemente, wondering what his father was doing. In about twenty minutes she turned off the fire.

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