STORY: Perfect Peace

STORY: Perfect Peace

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MountainThere once was a King who offered a prize to the artist who could capture in a picture perfect peace.

Many artists tried, The king looked at all the paintings, but there were only two he really liked and he had to choose between them.

The first was of a calm lake. This lake was a perfect mirror which reflected a placid surrounding mountains. On these there was a blue sky with fluffy white clouds. All who saw this painting reflected thought this perfect peace.

The other picture had mountains, But these were rugged and bare. Above was an angry sky from which fell an impetuous downpour with thunder and lightning. Down the mountain tumbled a foaming waterfall. In all this did not reveal anything peaceful.

But when the King looked carefully, observed that after the cascade had

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Cuento Taoist: Chain of Wishes

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StonesThere was once a stone chopper lived poorly and dreamed of becoming a rich and powerful man. One day loudly expressed their desire, surprised to find that his dream had come true: was a wealthy merchant who swam in abundance.

This made him very happy, until I met a man even richer and more powerful than he. Then, again expressed aloud his desire for more power and wealth, and was also awarded.

After a while, when he saw that, because of their status, had created many enemies, was afraid. One day, was the skill with which they handled their weapons a samurai and how quickly it melted

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The Flute Man Heavenly Touch

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Chinese fishermanMany years ago, the foot of the Five Finger Mountains, lived a man playing the bamboo flute beautifully. So well played, oropendo in that it dared to compete with him, he intoned as the mir Fine tunes y ni Siquier trinaba with the lark as rich sonority. Cuando began to play the flute, Birds are detenían them in full vuelo, them peasants who labraban the Earth dejaban sus tasks; ANCIANOS them felt rejuvenate y los niños jumped for joy… Y Hermosa was so su music, I believe that la gente there was Bajada del cielo, for you to read apodaron "Hombre who plays the flute celestial".

One day, Dragon King of the South Sea deities entertained with a banquet on the beach. Eight thousand geniuses, with rich exotic clothes, enjoyed chatting and drinking around the host, wearing a habit girded with a belt of jade. And precisely the same day of the party, after walking ten days and ten nights, "Man playing flute heavenly" came to the beach to fish. He reached over the sea peaceful network, sat down on a clean, smooth stone and began playing the flute.

At the same moment, when the Dragon King raised his glass to toast with their guests, heard a sound as wonderful as I had never thought to hear. Each and every one of the gods put on hold, even forgot the tables full of dishes and cups dropped their jade. The man did not know the flute could imagine that, at that time, many gods were listening to how he played his flute. And the gods, meanwhile, were convinced that whoever touched so certainly must have come from heaven above the human world.

Both the Dragon King liked the sound of that flute that wanted to find the performer to teach his son to play the instrument. And, the direction from which the sound came, man found, he picked up his network, put the flute in his wide belt and followed the Dragon King to his palace.

It had been three years, and the King's son had learned to play the bamboo flute, so the flutist, he missed much his family and his people, begged the father to let him go home. The grateful King granted it and motioned for his son to accompany the teacher to pick two gifts-those who would- Real Treasure. There were red gemstones, Yellow, Blue…; glittering gold bullion, and hundreds of thousands of precious objects. The piper walked carefully treasure room and Dragon King, to view a cylindrical basket made of bamboo strips, thought: "This tool can be used to save me shrimp and fish catch". He took it and held the belt. After, in a closet, discovered a raincoat and reflected: "With this film I can go to the beach to fish, even in rain and wind ". And this was the second and last gift of choice.

Coming out of the treasury, accompanied by the son of the Dragon King, this, intrigued, asked:

-Why have you chosen these objects as simple between heaps of gold and silver, pearls and precious stones?

The teacher replied with a smile:

-Gold and precious stones wear out and disappear. In return, with this bamboo basket and raincoat, I can go fishing every day and, fish with fish, I shall never hunger.

When he returned home and went fishing for the first time, found that those two gifts were actually two wonderful objects. The layer, deployed, flying led him to the South Sea, the fishing place, and, to return, the bamboo basket always overflowing with glittering fish.

In this manner, with bamboo basket and raincoat, came flying over the mountains Five Fingers and, as soon as he touched his flute, sound is spread across the sky and the whole world overflowed with joy and happiness.

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Story: The Real Treasure

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BodhidharmaBodhidharma, born in Sri Lanka 500 years BC, was the third son of the king of this region Hindu. At the age of eight years, you could say that I had the satori. Here's why:

One day, his teacher, a great monk named Hanny Tara, King received a stone of inestimable value. The teacher asked the three princes:

-Do you know anything in this world that has a value larger than this stone?

The eldest prince responded:

-Only you, Teacher, has received this gift, you are in possession of the treasure of the earth more beautiful.

The second prince responded equally:

-While we were looking for all our lives, could not find in our world like a stone.

Bodhidharma, who was then eight years, said turn:

-It is a real treasure, a priceless treasure, but it is a treasure of this world, vulgar treasure. I also think that your presence is of great value. Understanding the value of this treasure is also a form of wisdom; however, This wisdom has no depth; understand that the diamond is a gemstone of more value than a piece of glass is social wisdom.

And Bodhidharma said:

-True wisdom is to understand ourselves.

Excerpted from the book The bowl and the Staff of the Master Deshimaru.

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Story: Live like Flowers

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Story: Live like Flowers



– Teacher, What should I do to not bother me how people act?. Some talk too much, others are ignorant. Some are indifferent. I feel hatred for those who are liars and suffer with those who slander.

– Well, lives like flowers!, warned the teacher.

– And how is life like flowers?, asked the disciple.

– Pay attention to the flowers' continued the master, pointing to some lilies growing in the garden. They are born in manure, however are pure and perfumed. Extracted from smelly manure everything that is useful to them and healthy, but do not allow the soil sour stain the freshness of its petals.

The teacher continued – It's just troubled with its own faults, but it is not wise to let the vices of others inconvenienced you. These defects are theirs and not yours. And if they are not yours, there is no reason to bother… Exercises for, the power to reject all the evil that comes from outside and perfumes the lives of others by doing good.

This is live as the flowers.

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