Each damaged organ responds to a feeling

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Each damaged organ responds to a feeling


“A shared discomfort halved, sharing it continues and eventually disappear. Shared happiness is doubled.”

Interview Christian Flèche, psychotherapist, father of the theory of biological decoding, by Inma Sanchis, in La Vanguardia

The body is our tool of healing?

I was a nurse at a hospital in Normandy and note that patients with the same disease, treatment and doctor evolved very differently.

Good, each is each…

Exact, My hypothesis is that the disease is a metaphor for the physical and emotional needs of our body. When no external solution to that need, there is an interior solution.

That's for you disease?

Yes, adaptation solution. Each organ of the body wants to fulfill its own function, namely, oxygen trapping, food… If the body wants to eat, but outside there is war and fails within a reasonable time, se produce un shock.

Born the conflict??

Yes, unconscious invents an additional means of survival: symptom, which is a solution or attempted unconscious and involuntary shock solution that lived. Then, fear of starvation attack the liver.

Give me another example.

A person always in a hurry can develop a thyroid nodule, sending more thyroxine and increases the body's metabolism, That will make it faster.

But hurry is psychological.

Everything that we perceive through the five senses, neurovegetative sensors that come from inside the body, you think that we imagine, biological reality translates.

What causes a symptom?

If there is a particular solution and conscious, yes. So if you hear something unpleasant affects us we can have heartburn. And there's something very important to consider.

Tell me.

The brain does not distinguish between the real and the imaginary. A slice of lemon in the mouth or the idea of ​​a piece of lemon in the mouth cause the same salivation. Depending on the particular feeling, shock affects the precise area of ​​the brain, visible by the scanner, a body and an energy reality.

Energy Reality??

We are a composite unit of four inseparable realities: organic, cerebral, psychic and energy. There is not a single cell of the body beyond the control of the brain, and this does not escape the thought control, conscious or unconscious; so that neither a body cell escapes the psyche. A shock is always accompanied by a personal feeling that affects the four biological levels.

When we find the solution simultaneously heal these four levels. One patient had pain in the shoulder. “Since when?”, read questions. “The first time I was alone with my children” “If you are with your children, You're not alone, Who lack?” “My husband is never, I need to be wrapped”. When recognized, the pain disappeared.
Throughout a day we do not meet all our basic needs. When not satisfy, born an emotion. If the emotion is released outdoors in an artistic way, through the word, dancing or dreams… all is well. When the event is not expressed, is printed and the body will be the last stage of the event.

Everything disease causes conflict?

Not, It need not be dramatic, unexpected, lived alone without solution. When these four criteria are given, trauma will manifest through biology.

Different? Emotions correspond to different organs of the body?

Yes, everything that has to do with the epidermis responds to separation conflicts; skeleton, a devaluation; bladder corresponds to territorial conflicts. For right-handed women, problems in the breast and left shoulder correspond to problems with children and vice versa for left-handed; mismatches in the breast and right shoulder for right-handed correspond to problems with partner and vice versa.

Stomach and intestines??

Not having what you want and not be able to digest what you have is for the stomach and duodenum. He colon corresponds to a conflict disgusting, rotten. In the rectum are the problems of identity: “No respect me and leave me aside”. The kidney is the loss of landmarks. Bone: serious conflict of impairment…

What right to be healthy?

Revalue emotions, be aware of the emotions and express, namely: dance more often. People are emotionally long but are procured emotions: football, cinema… A shared discomfort halved, sharing it continues and eventually disappear. Shared happiness is doubled.

Anger and violence at home are expressed. A man is afraid, Fear produces rage, downloading and getting angry with his wife. When we are in touch with the real excitement, transforms; when we are with the excitement of surface, no change. If the man says: “What I have is fear”, fear halved.
We must be aware of oneself.

christian_flecheChristian Flèche, junto al doctor Philippe Levy, created new protocols to organize an original method of emotional diagnosis and a new form of brief therapy emotions that searches the source and the solution to disease. He has published 17 books on biological decoding, four of them translated into Spanish. “The body as a healing tool” (Obelisk) has been sold.

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