Praise of Qigong by Mario Vargas Llosa – Diario El País

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Praise of Qigong by Mario Vargas Llosa – Diario El País

An ancient Chinese technique facilitates who practice physical and mental calmness and allows you to experience trust and confidence to face whatever comes.

Since 27 years Patricia and I come to fast every summer at a clinic in Marbella. We did the first time by a friend who spoke so enthusiastically of experience that piqued the curiosity we. We liked it because we could not deprive us of these three weeks of water, training, swimming, walks and soups. Something good must be fasting when your practice is part of the history of all Western and Eastern religions. Pero, tal vez, closely associate with the cuts too spiritual and denature. If it is to understand or seek mystical trances, better reading St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross to come to the Buchinger Clinic.

In my case, Fasting is intended to make amends to my poor body easements hard to do I submit the rest of the year, with travel, workdays exaggerated, cocktails- horrible-the social and cultural commitments, and other stresses, concerns, frights and anxieties of everyday life. Here I go to bed early and get up at dawn, dedicated to the sport each morning and evenings to read and write. While one fasts concentration and memory are weakened, but, even so, Peace in these soft sunsets, in the shadow of the mysterious mole of La Concha, the mountain that Marbella owes its privileged climate and the beauty of its gardens, I've always written with more happiness than elsewhere.

Losing kilos that one would annoy is one of the good consequences of fasting, but by no means the most important. The main, I think, is the feeling of cleanliness and equanimity who often reaching deprive your body of food and thereby induces him to feed on what's left over. For this to happen fasting is not enough; requires intense physical activity to stimulate that process. Here are exercises for everyone, pilates, aerobic, mountaineering, varieties of yoga. If I have to choose one of these activities, I'll stick with the qi gong.

I have not studied and, the truth, I have little interest in finding its tradition and philosophy because I fear, if I venture to trace this theoretical aspect of it Qigong, I will meet one of these goofy rhetoric and mucilaginous seudorreligiosas that often autodignificarse martial arts. I just know that is an ancient Chinese practice, that at some remote time became independent of the common trunk of tai chi and, besides being the exact opposite of a "martial art", somehow difficult to explain, but obvious for those who exercise every day, is closely related to individual peace and, as maximum projection, with civilization and peace.

I know no better remedy for bad mood or demoralization.

We must have patience and trust in the beginning to be seduced by these so slow and spaced movements, rookie, input will not speak more than a different way of breathing which is used. My wife, for example, impatience and embodied dynamism, is so bored in sessions abandoned by more warlike sports. But this infinite slowness with which you move the arms and legs, torso and head and goes from one to another of the positions of qi gong is just one of the techniques of this art is worth to get the practitioner will eliminate these instinctive and effervescent tensions that are at the root of human violence. These, as in any other creative endeavor, seek perfection. So should do it in front of a mirror. There the image reveals that, put more effort in order to achieve harmony, Elegance, balance and beauty of a move without blemish, provided we stay below the ideal. And also that, to approach him and try to get, mental concentration is as important as physical prowess. This is a very concrete and available to anyone to discover a fundamental principle: how to create content not only in the domain of arts and letters, but also in the routine life of people, and everything that is undertaken with the serenity and perfection of choreographic positions qi gong is a subtle form of beauty.

Say what you will, martial arts are not innocent: want to take what is primitive and bestial in man to turn it into a killing machine, hone their innate violence crude organized a destructive force capable of annihilating the enemy, as well as, one stroke, Teacher muscular arm can halve a pile of bricks. El qi gong, instead, want to release that congenital aggressiveness and do discover that life could be better if, while we unloaded the ferocity within us, each of our actions is done with delicacy and calm with which we execute movements that make your practice.

Martial arts are not innocent want to take what is bestial in man.

These movements have, all, beautiful metaphors that describe. Keep your hands away is "part the waters", tiptoe with arms raised and properly seated on the floor feet "hold the earth and the heaven that they will not collide", hands go up and down in front of body "bathing in the rain", turn on itself become "a tree swayed by the wind", or, well still, the body invaded by a tender warmth, "Feel" the backbone, heartbeat, the flow of blood. Thanks to that still dance, the air we breathe not only reaches the lungs, it circulates throughout our body from head to toe.

A full session of qi gong does not last more than half an hour and is available to all ages and all physical conditions, even the most damaged. At the end feels extraordinary physical and mental placidity, as if the battered body agradeciera we have dedicated a, in that short time, much attention, both respectful affection. I know no better remedy for bad mood or demoralization, broken ribs or outbursts of anger, those moods where life seems meaningless or justification. Curiously, a session of qi gong are not exalted and dancing out of joy, but quiet, more willing, more balanced to face whatever comes, and, you also, more aware that life, despite what is in it incomprehensible and painful, It is the most beautiful adventure.

That is, ultimate, the path of peace and civilization: bridling the ruthless beast, high-some eager desires and other bloodthirsty, as explained Freud and Bataille-, which also drag in that, escapes when the bars in that civilization and culture remain subject, causes cataclysms that is punctuated human affairs.

My first teacher of qi gong was a Cuban doctor who had learned in China and spent every holiday there, perfecting his technique. La Segunda es Jeanne, a young German, so graceful and flexible, during session, I think, amid the twists and evolutions, always about to levitate or disappear. Care practices Chinese music with a discrete, listless and repetitive, and his voice will, rather than ordering, persuading neophytes who are abandoned to the absorbent ritual towards health, beauty and serenity.

To me has convinced me. To the extent that I dare to dream that if billions of bipeds on this planet devote half an hour every morning to do qi gong would perhaps fewer wars, misery and suffering and more sensitive to the reason that the passion which authorities is no longer impossible could end despoblándolo.


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