Intense exercise can do age faster and shorten its lifetime

Intense exercise can do age faster and shorten its lifetime

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With each cell division, telomeres shorten and therefore are markers of aging.


The Qigong and some other ancient Eastern practices taught slow, gentle movements to have a healthy body, as opposed to the intense and accelerated motion.

Intense exercise increases metabolism and cells divide more rapidly and replace worn or damaged cells. The cells have a finite number of times they can divide, so that one's life may be shortened.

Telomeres are outermost layers of chromosomes. With each cell division, become shorter and therefore are markers of aging. When a cell's telomeres wear out completely, that cell can no longer reproduce and die. Its rapid wear, You can shorten the life of one.

Joel Fuhrman, MD, wrote in his blog: "The prevailing myth is that a faster metabolism is preferable, as a weight loss would result, however, have a fast metabolism does not mean you are healthier, de facto, can make you age faster ".

Fuhrman cited a study of families in which several siblings lived more than 90 years old. Study, by researchers at the Medical Center in Leiden University in Netherlands, longevity found that it could be related to lower thyroid activity and therefore lower metabolism.

Instead of trying to increase metabolism, dijo Fuhrman, treat your body to function with fewer calories. Some of the world's oldest people have said they feel that the reason for their longevity is eating moderately.

"I eat to live, not live to eat ", dijo Yisrael Kristal of 110 years old, Israeli publication Haartz. "You do not need too, anything in excess is not good… It is good to have a full stomach ". Jiroemon Kimura, who died at age 116 years old, Spot light is said to have good long life, according to Japan Times.

The Qigong and some other ancient Eastern practices taught slow, gentle movements to have a healthy body, as opposed to the intense and accelerated motion. These practices often also provide guidance for the improvement of character, including moderation in eating and other aspects of life.

Many doctors agree that a normal level of exercise is beneficial, but intense training can be hard on the body. Stress has also been shown to decrease the length of telomeres, hastily older people.

Dr. Fuhrman said in an email to The Epoch Times: "The exercise above a certain level, is probably more harmful than helpful. And, that would be the case of triathletes, run marathons and do other sports that require extreme training keep for many years. The competitive nature of some events pushes participants to the limit of his endurance and this may not be a lifestyle that promotes and maintains these tensions in the body for many years ".

Source: The Epoch Times

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Advice Traditional Chinese Medicine for long life

Since the beginning of time, people sought by the elusive dream of immortality and this desire is reflected in many traditional techniques for longevity, transmitted from generation to generation.


Here are tips ancient Chinese medicine that are cheap, easy to make and are believed to be very beneficial for health:


1. The head is the center of intelligence: comb preventing diseases tid

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the twelve meridians of the human body, over forty acupuncture points and more than a dozen unique acupressure points, all come together in the head.

Using a comb to massage "acupuncture-like" to stimulate these points and meridians, can clear the twelve meridians, stimulate blood circulation, improving brain cell metabolism, delay the aging of brain cells, improve memory, strengthen hearing and sight and refresh your mind. You can also eliminate fatigue, insomnia, trigeminal neuralgia (extreme facial pain) and migraines. You may even have unexpected effects on beauty.

The routine is typically suggested combing tid: once in the morning, once after lunch and once before going to bed, each time for two minutes; for best results do between 60 and 100 passes. As long as you persevere in combing the scalp regularly, will feel more lucid and energetic, sleep better and have more appetite.

yongquan2. The foot is often considered the second heart: rub your feet to preserve the health

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine foot has more than 60 acupuncture points that are closely linked to the 12 meridians the internal organs. However, due to the large distance between the foot and the heart, Foot resistance is low; is the weakest area of ​​the body as it is vulnerable to cold and moisture. Therefore, it is thought that foot health is closely linked to the health of the human body as a whole.

Ancient medicine says the best way to maintain foot health is to rub the acupuncture point Yongquan (arc center). Massage with perseverance the soles after immersion in hot water, You can have a variety of beneficial effects on tendons, the circulation of the blood and muscles of the feet and even in other areas of the body. It can relieve headaches, hernias, nefritis, seizures, insomnia, hypertension, heart disease, sore throat, pies Schirm, numbness by old age and a variety of other diseases.

Due to the general welfare effects, related to foot health, Chinese medicine refers to as the Yongquan point “Fitness point”.

chewing-seconds-thins - 644x3623. To live longer, gulped three hundred times a day

El diccionario chino or Ci Hai, saliva defined as: fluids secreted by salivary glands and mucus secreted by many small glands in the oral wall, mixing in the mouth. The average adult Saliva around 1 the 1,5 liters per day.

Chinese medicine says that saliva, together with the spleen and stomach, damping orifices, the limbs and internal organs, replenishes energy, lubricates joints and clears the mind.

Modern medicine states that the saliva stops bleeding, facilitates the contraction of blood vessels, bacteria dissolves, kills germs, Dental health preserved, combat the virus, aids digestion and serves a variety of other functions.

In recent years, American scientists also discovered that saliva can promote the growth of nerve cells and epidermal. The Japanese Institute of Food Research found that “saliva can delete existing very harmful substances in the air and in food” and having a strong effect on cancer prevention.

Studies by experts from the School of Medicine, University of Georgia, show that aflatoxin, one of the most carcinogenic substances known, and benzene and nitrite, it will disintegrate 30 seconds after contact with saliva. They suggest that “is the best chew 30 times each mouthful”.

These studies seem to support the old advice to swallow 300 twice daily.

live100514_salud-dental-3348778464. Click teeth every day to help prevent his fall

Means rhythmically touching the upper and lower teeth on several occasions.

Su Wen: Shang Gu Tian Zhen Lun (Su Wen: Canon of Internal Medicine of the Yellow Emperor), an ancient Chinese text, suggests that human bone health depends on the nutrition from the bone, and the bone marrow is the source of the essence of the human body. If this essentially decreases, may not be sufficient to support bone marrow and teeth loosen one or fall sick or completely.

Traditional Chinese medicine also believes that often touching one's teeth, You can balance the yin and yang, promote blood circulation and energy flow of the meridians, maintain and improve the overall functioning of the jaw muscles and the deep parts of the teeth and retard the atrophy.

Also, tapping one's teeth can often enhance the effectiveness of the firmness of the mucosal tissue, improve chewing, improve blood circulation in general mouth and gums, increase the secretion of saliva, improve antimicrobial resistance of teeth and, therefore, make the teeth more resistant, white and bright.

massage5. Husbands and wives should massage the back of the other to alleviate physical fatigue and prevent cancer

The back massage is an ancient method that provides immediate results.

The back massage stimulates dozens of important acupuncture points that can help stimulate the nervous system, effectively maintaining the balance of the central nervous system.

The main benefit is muscle relaxation, preventing and treating back pain and muscle tension.

Second, back massage improves circulation and regulates nerve function. Massage during the day clears the head and lifts the spirit; overnight massage calms the mind, preventing insomnia.

Another benefit of massage is to increase immunity and cancer prevention. Japanese scientists have long believed that common back massage promotes secretion of the peptide in the brain. These peptides have strong anti-virus capabilities and can inhibit cell mutation, the basis of the creation of cancer cells.

There are generally two methods of back massage: slaps and punches.

The use of an empty palm slaps and punches used an empty fist, in this sense, means soft. For best results a constant massage once a day, make between fifty and sixty spank or hit.

abdomen6. Knead the abdomen daily to promote blood circulation and benefit the spirit

Knead the abdomen is a method to promote health, using your hands to rub the abdomen back and forth between the thorax and the pelvis. Traditional Chinese medicine says abdomen is “center of the internal organs and the source of yin and yang” on the body.

Modern medicine also says knead abdomen strengthens the stomach and gastrointestinal and abdominal muscles, promotes circulation and accelerate digestion. It also helps to treat constipation, ulcers, insomnia, inflammation of the prostate, la nefritis, hernias, High Blood Pressure, and coronary heart disease and diabetes. In particular, promotes not only the contraction of the abdomen, and reduced fat, it can also help you lose weight.

To massage the abdomen, first rub in the direction of clockwise with the palm of the right hand 130 times above the navel and then pass under the navel area of 120 times. After, rub the entire abdominal area with the full palm of the left hand 120 times. Reverse and repeat.

yawn7. Stretching: the most effective way to lose weight and improve blood circulation

Slow stretching: refers to an involuntary stretching (that is often attached to yawn) straightening consisting neck, raising the arms, take large breaths to expand the chest, stretch waist, exercise the joints and then loosen the body.

Sun Simiao, a famous physician of the Tang Dynasty, said it best: ” If the blood does not circulate, the body will be affected by diseases”.

According to modern medicine, blood flow is entirely based on the contractions of the heart muscle, This is especially true for veins that are farthest from the heart.

When one stretches, the body naturally take arms and ribs up and expand the chest, which strengthens the diaphragm and deep breathing help. This makes many of the muscles to contract and deposit blood back into the heart, resulting in an acceleration of blood circulation.

Slow stretching can also help neck vessels to carry blood efficiently to the brain, there being adequate nutrition, reducing fatigue, thus improving mood. This also has the neuromuscular system, improving balance in the body, increasing oxygen intake and outlet connection of carbon dioxide, promoting metabolism and eliminating excess tension, avoiding the muscular fatigue and the posture correction, all of which keeps the body healthy.

8. For a healthy body, press once daily acupuncture points Hegu, Neiguan y Zusanli.


The point Hegu is in the area between the thumb and index finger. Acupuncture in point Hegu helps treat headaches, facial paralysis and diseases affecting the five senses.

The point Neiguan is about two inches from the wrist crease. Acupuncture in point Neiguan mainly helps treat heart palpitations, high blood pressure, epilepsy, asthma, stomach ache, nausea and vomiting.

The acupuncture point Zusanli is approximately seven to ten inches below the center of the knee. In the language of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has the function of regulating the stomach, replenish energy, promote circulation through the meridians and dispel wind and dampness.

The modern scientific research confirms that performs acupuncture point Zusanli stimulates the stomach and intestines, well as a variety of digestive enzyme activities and. You can increase one's appetite, aid digestion, improve the brain's ability, improve cardiac function, increase the production of white and red blood cells and hemoglobin and levels of endocrine hormones and enhance the body's resistance to disease.

Acupuncture in point Zusanli also helps prevent stomach pains and abdominal, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, hepatitis, Gallbladder inflammation and high blood pressure.

Zusanli, Hegu and Neiguan are three of the main acupuncture points used in medical treatments Antique.

In recent years, Chinese scientists discovered that massage in these three acupoints benefits the nerves of the body, muscles, tissues and organs; the positive effects outweigh those of any physical sport.

Put your thumb, or the middle finger, points Zusanli, Hegu and Neiguan for five minutes each, between 15 and 20 times.

Source: The Epoch Times

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