Back to the park Practicing Qigong

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Back to the park Practicing Qigong


Every first Sunday of the month, September to June and 10:00 the 11:00 in the morning, we met a group of people to practice Qigong at Torrent de les Bruixes the Vallparadís Parc de Terrassa (next to the Pont de Sant Pere). This activity is directed by Iván Trujillo, Qigong teacher association of Internal Alchemy.

If you want to enjoy this ancient technique of Chinese health, please join us.

This activity, as usual, this is TOTALLY FREE.

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Cartell Mulla't 2016(1)

Qigong – Swim for Multiple Sclerosis

Swim poster 2016(1)One year the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation welcomes the solidarity campaign Swim for Multiple Sclerosis. In her, more of 600 Catalonia pools involved in the campaign where thousands of people get wet and swim in solidarity with those suffering from multiple sclerosis.

This year is the day 10 July when this day is celebrated, in which, in addition to the many activities to be undertaken, the association will participate Internal Alchemy conducting a workshop Qigong. This workshop will be held from 10 the 11:30h in the tent located in the place known as Torrent de la Font d'en Sagrera the Vallparadís Parc de Terrassa and it will be taught by Iván Trujillo. The proceeds will go entirely to the fight against multiple sclerosis.


In the following link you can access the Scheduling Activities of this day. And then I leave as the promotional video and poster this year was held.


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qigong walk 2015

Commemoration of World Cancer Day – Guolin Qigong

Last Wednesday 4 February was commemorated, as every year, World Cancer Day. Internal Alchemy us since we wanted to do our bit for this cause and Sunday we make a totally free workshop Guolin Qigong system, Preventive Cancer Walk, in which more than sixty people attended.

We were also accompanied by a team from Canal Terrassa Vallès, who interviewed some of the attendees and Ivan Trujillo, Qigong monitor who directed activity.

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Qigong Autumn in the Parc de Terrassa Vallparadís —— New Conference Promoted by the City Council of Terrassa

Days: Sundays 5 and 19 October, and 2, 16 and 23 November

Schedule: Of 10:30h to 11:30h

Place of Practice: Frares Hortes – Parc de Vallparadis – Terrassa




Parc de Vallparadis

One more year of Gènere Polítiques Regidoria of the City Council of Terrassa promotes the practice of Qigong in the city of Terrassa.

We have the agenda of the new session of Qigong promotes this fall Regidoria of Gènere Polítiques of the City Council of Terrassa. They will be Sundays days 5 and 19 October, and 2, 16 and 23 November, of 10:30 the 11:30h, in the place known as Frares Hortes Vallparadís Parc de Terrassa, below the Conservatory of Music and the future train station.

If you want to enjoy in the midst of nature This ancient Chinese art for disease prevention and improved physical health, mental and emotional, Do not fail to come. And as always, These sessions are TOTALLY FREE!

The only thing needed to enjoy and make the most of this activity, is come in comfortable clothes, sneakers and many want to have fun.

For any queries, please get this partnership to email alquimiainterna.qigong @ or telephone 661.290.940.

Or if you prefer you can call the phone number 93.739.74.08, which belongs to the Department of Gender Policies of City of Terrace.

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Guolin Qigong: Walk to Prevent Cancer

To mark the World Cancer Day held on Tuesday 4 February, day on Sunday 9 was performed, at Torrent de les Bruixes the Vallparadís Parc de Terrassa, a free workshop method Guolin Qigong or Preventive Cancer Walk.

With interest as in the prevention of this disease, thirty-five people of all ages learned and practiced for one hour exercises that compose this method, developed in the year 1971 by teacher Qigong, Ms. Guo Lin.

Now, system Guolin Qigong is practiced in parks in China for thousands of people.

The workshop was conducted by Iván Trujillo, teacher Qigong and President of Internal Alchemy.

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