The 60 % people do not breathe well

The 60 % people do not breathe well

kkeep calmBreathing is a power source for those. And eat, sleep and love, also breathe without it we would be unable to live. Despite being so crucial not pay due attention to this process that can radically change the quality of life.

The main reason for "not breathing well" is in stress and fast pace of life. From medicine announce that in a minute should be made between six and ten breaths, but has been shown that people make larger quantities causing fatigue and sleep problems.

Breathing may be thoracic, diaphragmatic the Mixed. The first refers to when the air is brought to the chest and muscles in this area are used and shoulders. The second occurs when air is brought into the lower area of ​​the lungs, relaxing the abdominal area using the breathing muscle par excellence, aperture. As for the joint is produced by the full breath, use of both muscle groups and lung areas.

Studies conducted by the Spanish scientific group Nascia, assert that most people use thoracic breathing (due to bad posture habits and), which prevents proper breathing and body oxygenation. This leads to both physical and mental impacts; already named fatigue, sleep problems and increased heart rate are added, blood pressure, muscle tension and even the digestive system. On the other hand reduces attention and alertness.

These problems have a greater impact on athletes, those who see their performance affected in different ways depending on how you use your breathing.

The re-educate the body about breathing techniques and learn to use it more effectively, has very positive results in both mental and physical health, increasing energy levels, the feeling of tranquility, reducing pulsations, allowing to have more attention, inter alia.



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Breathing in Qigong Práctida


For breathing understand that exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide that makes all living. Through breathing we can have energy and we carry out our food and our daily lives in a healthy way.

According Traditional Chinese Medicine and therefore the Qigong, by breathing oxygen also get something as precious as is the Qi, the vital energy that surrounds everything.

In practice Qigong Three different types of breathing are distinguished, to nourish our body Qi:

– Natural breathing

– The Buddhist abdominal breathing

– Abdominal breathing reversed the Taoist

– Natural breathing

In natural breathing is not acted upon. He simply allows the body to breath naturally fit, So when we are in a stationary position and any exercise is performed when moving.

– The Buddhist abdominal breathing

Abdominal breathing acts with some softness on respiration, pero sin forcing. We can imagine our abdomen as an area that swells in all directions. In inspiration the thoracic diaphragm contracts and descends, and perineum relaxes. At expiration the thoracic diaphragm relaxes and rises, and perineum lightly and briefly contracts when the lungs are nearly empty. The effects of this type of breathing is relaxing, distend the tissues and helps the Qi and blood can deeply nourish cells.

– Abdominal breathing reversed the Taoist

In this case, respiration takes a certain intent. It is very important that the tongue is positioned on the palate and it takes special care to not force. The idea this time is to compress the ball to propel the Qi the spine to the upper body. The energy will then be naturally distributed to the extremities. In inspiration the thoracic diaphragm contracts and descends, and perineum contracts slightly and rises. During inspiration, breath goes toward the rear of the back, to Mingmen (4º point of the Meridian Dumai) open area and propels the energy up the spine. At expiration the thoracic and pelvic diaphragms relax. The effects of this type of breathing is invigorating, creates pressure, makes up the energy and pumps throughout the body.

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A Complete Breath – A Healing Breath

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The first thing we do for ourselves after birth is breathing. It connects us to the outside world. The way we are born breathing, called diaphragmatic or abdominal, we lose as we grow and we stress begins to affect, Anxiety, fear, the self-imposed,… The shift of diaphragmatic breathing to chest, means that we only use a small portion of our lung capacity and as a result our blood and organs are not as oxygenates as may.

Equally, physical processes, mental and emotional are directly related to breathing. It is not possible to separate, but what we can do is learn to control your breathing to control our health. In many Eastern disciplines, as in the Qigong, collected this mutual influence between breathing and health, and working with the breath to achieve maximum benefit from the exercises.

When you breathe in a conscious, and therefore in depth and complete, can achieve a state of great relaxation, getting muscle strains are eliminated, providing more oxygen to the blood and organs and becoming more clear and uncluttered to mind.

There are three different types of breathing:

1. Clavicular breathing is the shallowest and the worst of the three types. During inhalation shoulders and collarbone are raised while the abdomen contracts. It takes a lot of effort in exchange for a minimal amount of air.

2. Thoracic breathing is performed with the intercostal muscles and the chest expanding is the second type of breathing incomplete.

3. Deep abdominal breathing is the best of these three, the air reaching the lower and wider lungs. Breathing is slow and deep, effected by both proper use of the diaphragm.

In fact, neither type is complete. A full breath combines all three, beginning with a deep breath and continuing through inhalation intercostal and clavicular areas.

How to get proper breathing?

For a simple way to experience what a proper diaphragmatic breathing, lie on your back, place your hands on the abdomen at the level of the diaphragm and inhale and exhale slowly. The abdomen should expand and contract while breathing the expiry. Try to become aware of this movement abdominal.

Although this exercise seems very simple and easy, normally it takes some practice to get properly realize. The most important, and when they mastered the technique in a relaxed state, is to be able to make full abdominal breathing in our daily lives.

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