Ancient Wisdom for Healthy Sleep (Part III)

Ancient Wisdom for Healthy Sleep (Part III)

sleeping timeSleep is the best medicine for restore, repair and rejuvenate the body. Therefore, good night's sleep is the key to our own operation, health and longevity.

The healthy sleep habits are to regulate sleep, and waking cycles to achieve quality sleep at night and wakefulness during the day.

To ensure a good night's sleep, Modern science has excellent suggestions based on research of sleep medicine, that

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Ancient Wisdom for Healthy Sleep (Part II)

dreamClassical Chinese Medicine is a complete medical system that has been handed down through generations. She provides information about Sleep.

Sleep is the natural result of the rate of energy flow. At 23:00 hours yin energy (qi) is stronger. This is the ideal time to return to the resting body, restoration and replenishment.

So people should not be awake later than 23:00 hours. This is also the time for the body to develop yang energy (qi), which provides energy for physical and mental activities during the day.

The qi of the body and the blood pass through each organ and system and feed throughout the day and night. The different hours of the night have a greater impact in different organs. For example between 1 and 3 in the morning the blood and qi are stronger in the liver and its meridians (energy network performance for liver function). Therefore sleeping during this time is critical for the liver to function normally.

According to Chinese medicine the liver has an incredible responsibility, physical, mental, emotional. The liver regulates energy: humor, digestion, menstruation, the dream, the sleep-wake switch, Vision, and flow of energy throughout the body. He is responsible for strategic planning, execution, and feeding of all connective tissues, ligaments from nails.

The liver is extremely sensitive to negative emotions such as anger and resentment. If not careful the liver, the person is irritable and agitated. Thus one can see how serious are the health consequences if one does not sleep at times that one should sleep.

The other organ system that is fed by the blood and qi are the lungs (strongest of the 3:00 to 5:00 in the morning). The lungs system defends against infection, and nourishes the skin. Apart, assists in the regulation of food and water metabolism.

Being emotionally stressed, eating unhealthy food, or exposure to environmental toxicity or infections disrupt organ systems and meridians and can create sleep disorders.

For example when the kidney energy (our greatest source of cooling energy) becomes too weak to balance the energy of the heart (our greatest source of thermal energy), the person can not sleep due to over activity of the thermal energy. These people then have insomnia.

When liver yang energy is not balanced by the liver yin energy, the person has nightmares, or sleepwalking, and has the restless leg syndrome. When the qi of the spleen and lungs are deficient, the body stores fat as well as phlegm that can block the airway causing obstructive sleep apnea.

So from the perspective of Chinese medicine Sleep disorders are a surface manifestation of underlying imbalances of the body's energies. These imbalances cause health problems usually improve with changing our lifestyle, including getting healthy sleep, eat well, meditate, exercise, and reduce stress.

For those who have more serious problems, treatments with acupuncture and herbal medicine are very useful and important. The least one should do is mask the symptoms only on medication.

Source: The Epoch Times

Ancient Wisdom for Healthy Sleep (Part I)

dream 1

La gente it happens almost su tercera part of life durmiendo. Good quality sleep plays an important role for a healthy life.

What it occurs during dream? El cuerpo if relaja, restored and reconstructed. After a good night, people wake up rested. Eso es el sueño because during ocurring Muchas hacen things that he should be restored cuerpo y reconstruya. For example, for it dream it cuerpo produce more Growth Hormone, it is important to burn fat and develop healthy muscles.

During sleep the body also goes through a complicated regulation of immune functions. Studies have shown that when people suffer from sleep deprivation or sleep is chronically restricted, their T-cells (class of white blood cells) reduce inflammatory cytokines and increase. So, become prone to flu or colds.

During deep sleep, the muscles relax and dilate blood vessels by stimulating circulation and the brain processes information. Therefore, sleep is not a passive process but an active, and an integral part of our lives. Those who think that sleep is a waste of time and try to sleep less using artificial methods, suffer a great damage to health.

How much sleep?

How we sleep depends on the age. The older, less sleep is needed. A baby needs 14-15 hours of sleep; a child 2-4 years needs 12-14 hours, a child of the primary needs 10-11 hours; adults need between 7 and 9 hours.

People who suffer from chronic sleep deprivation, those who do not sleep well and pregnant women need to increase the hours of sleep. Seniors may suffer interruptions during sleep and daytime naps need.

Generally, adults who sleep less than 6 hours or more of 9 hours may have a shorter life.

In the past, studies focused on the consequences of the lack of sleep 48-96 hours. Symptoms included drowsiness, loss of hair, irritability, agitation and psychosis.

Today researchers focus on sleep restriction and what happens to people who sleep less than 6 hours per night. Some become hyperactive and restless during the day, others are tired and sleepy.

Doctors should prescribe wonder if these people mental stimulants to keep them calm and alert. Another issue is, What these patients have lost in terms of health?

The best time to sleep

Current guidelines for good sleep hygiene advise that people go to bed at the same time and get up at the same hour, but very few investigations indicate what time you have to lie.

Dr. Chritian Gulleminault Stanford University conducted a preliminary study 8 men who spent a week in the sleep laboratory. During the investigation, attention was paid to their behavior and the level of performance in a driving simulator, on memory tests and tests to stay awake. It is the liberty of sleep 8 las primeras horas y media two nights and only 4 las otras hours 7 nights.

One group slept in 22:30hs. the 2:30hs. during 7 nights, y el otro grupo slept in 2:15hs. the 6:15hs. As was expected, the restrictions Sleep affects ALL Participantes. Los resultados de las pruebas monitor that tomaron nights later than that durmieron 8 ½ hours in comparison with the prueba de los resultados realizada the last night of dream deprivation condom very different.

There is also differentials between them but there had been two grupos. The test results in the group waking sleeping early was better than sleeping late group. The group also went to bed early had better results on tests of sleep efficiency (percentage of time they slept for four hours) and sleep latency (amount of time it took to fall asleep).

These results are not sufficient to determine the best time to sleep, but indicate that sleep at different times produces different results.


Source: The Epoch Times

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