The three best foods of summer according to Traditional Chinese Medicine

The three best foods of summer according to Traditional Chinese Medicine

This philosophy tells us to live in harmony with nature is especially important during the summer months to be cheerful and laughing.


The element associated with summer, logically is fire, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is the time of year most Yang. Alto Yang means calor, peak, and expansion. The sun's rays heat all that grows in nature. This also applies to the relationship, because the emotion connected to the fire element, is the sound of joy and laughter. Sounds good, Right? This philosophy tells us to live in harmony with nature is especially important during the summer months, to be happy and laughing.

Other associations with the fire element are: the color red, food taste bitter, heart and small intestine, and tongue. When the fire element is in balance, his heart is strong and healthy, Your mind is calm and deep sleep is. On the other hand, When the fire element is not balanced, may not feel joy (depression), or having an excess of joy (obsession).

Because summer is the hottest season, to equalize the heat, need a diet that will cool. Some suggestions below.

1. To distribute

If you are making iced tea, try green tea. It is much healthier than other types, and tastes great. The research found that green tea's anticancer and helps reduce cholesterol, It is easy to find, there are several brands and can be purchased in grocery stores.

2. Strawberries

Eat more strawberries. This fruit refreshes naturally, making them the perfect summer food. In Chinese medicine are good to eliminate the roughness of dry cough and throat. Strawberries lubricate the lungs, promoting the production of body fluids, and for those nights alcohol, helps detoxify. It is best to eat strawberries (and most fruits) room temperature. Like other foods high in vitamin C, strawberries increases the absorption of iron from food and provides enough iron to nourish the blood.

3. Watermelon

Eat some watermelon. This fruit deserved such respect, That was placed in tombs of many Egyptian kings! Watermelon is chosen to have many benefits in Chinese medicine. Fruit (Xi Gua) and seeds (Xi Gua Ren) are used for headache, sickness, irritability, poor appetite, slow digestion and sore throat. Watermelon is also an excellent source of vitamin C and lycopene. Lycopene is an antioxidant and has protective effect against various cancers. Also, because of its thick shell, pesticides unpleasant exposure is much lower than in other fruits and vegetables.

Other examples of fresh foods are: asparagus, sprouts, corn, cucumber, spinach and mint. Summer is not a time to overdo spicy foods, alcohol not cafeína, since they will heat, more than refresh.

Source: The Epoch Times

summer: Heart Station


flower heartThe arrival of summer was celebrated by all civilizations since the world began. Even in ancient times our ancestors observed that with the arrival of the time of year the days were longer and the nights were shorter than usual and looking at the sky concluded that the position of the stars was variable, that climate changes occurred that marked the rhythm of the tides and timing of planting, harvesting and living things, consciously or not, lived according to the dictates of nature. Thus, knowledge of natural cycles is what has guided the life and work through history to ensure the survival of our ancestors to the present day.

Most civilizations were based primarily on two astronomical time:

The solstices and equinoxes, the former being the most celebrated with various rituals, according to the culture and religion of each. From the ancient Egyptians to the Incas, Maya, Roman and Greek, passing witches, magicians and sorcerers, all peoples have organized festivities in honor of the sun king, since the summer solstice is the only day of the year when the sun is present more hours. In fact the term "solstice" comes from the Latin "Solstitium", namely, "Quiet Sun", in reference to when the sun is at the horizon in the northernmost position relative to the earth remains for a couple of days. The observation that from this date the days are getting shorter leave me thinking that the sun could not regain your strength and splendor, giving rise to all kinds of fire-based rituals to help the renewal of solar energy while purifying every living and protect you from demonic influences.

Summer is the season of growth and maturation of nature; flowers and fruits are present around us and the plants grow as if to touch the sky. This upward movement accompanied by heat flow is precisely the activity that Wu Xing theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (MTC) associated with fire, it to red and both with the Heart, since this organ is the regulator of blood circulation, therefore, "Sovereign master, Emperor Fountain " (Shu Wen). According to a popular proverb Chinese medicine "the heart is the ruler of the summer; is the root of life and generates all the changes of the spirit. By the skin of a person can know the condition of your heart ".

Physiologically, for ancient oriental medical blood governs the heart and blood vessels, what fuels the whole body. Its good or bad on the face will externalize. So much so that "The color pink usually fresh and becomes pathological, off the grayish grayish violet, cuando la energía del corazón y la circulación if Agota of them blood vessels is numb " (Ling Shu)

However, el órgano manifiesta emperor is standing on the ground to abeam del rostro bell that uses también la lengua as vía de salida. Según them texts clásicos "el corazón del hole is encuentra en la lengua" (Shu Wen), llamada for this reason "espejo del corazón". The abeam ella y flavors can distinguish them enjoy la capacidad del habla. His condition is critical to such an extent that their observation MTC is used in clinical practice as a diagnostic significant.

Besides its physiological aspect the heart, like all living, has its emotional side, which is identified with the joy and manifests through laughter. A state of being and joy makes it harmonious energy circulation, however, an excess of any emotion, including joy, drowning can become pathological heart energy and disrupting its operation, as well as of other organs / bowels.

In the psychic plane the heart is the abode of Shen, abstract term that could be identified with the "mental energy" or "consciousness soul", a so-called "Three Treasures" at MTC. When Shen rightful control of all mental activity and brain as well as the smooth running of the whole organism, so much so that according to Wen Shu "Knowing retain Shen is life. Losing Shen is death ".

Summer is for the period of the reign of the heart and Yang energy peak: sun, heat, movement and expansion. That is why during these summer months we should take to recharge energy.

Source: Health Servi

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