TERRACE – Training in Qigong

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TERRACE – Training in Qigong

Starting next day 28 of October, It will begin in Terrassa, Barcelona, a training course in Qigong / Chikung. This training will last nine months



October November - December
theoretical teaching unit
Definition, origin and history of Qigong
Basic concepts
Qigong applications
Benefits and recommendations
Module Traditional Chinese Medicine and its relation to the practice of Qigong
Yin Yang dynamics
  • The three treasures
  • energy meridians
  • Definición de Qi
  • The 5 elements
  • Qi behavior
  • Prevention and indications
  • pathologies, origins of disease or blockages of Qi
teaching unit practice
rooting postural
Spine alignment
pelvic adjustment
basic positions of Qigong
Natural lung or abdominal breathing and breathing inverted
static postures, ergonomics and main acupoints of Qigong
Zhan Zhuang – Embracing the Tree
Location and definition of Lower Dan Tian, Middle and Upper
Location of major energy points for the practice of Qigong
Technique and understanding of the static posture of Qigong for the contribution of the overall health of the organism, Fortifications provide static postures bone, muscles and tendons, postural reeducation, energetic alignment, unblocking stalled energy or Qi, regulates the mind and breathing
Qigong and Meditation session Daoist Self-massage
theoretical teaching unit
Origin and history system Qigong Liu Zi Jue – The 6 Healing Sounds
Delivery of notebook content: history, origin, benefits and definition
Illustrations of the exercises and their meaning, and the benefits of each
DVD Delivery (masterful teacher's explanation of how visual instructions) and a CD (cd with the melody and instructions in English and Chinese)
About 6 Healing Sounds
Sun Si Miao was a renowned Chinese doctor and pharmacist V century researched and developed a therapeutic system based on phonation 6 silabas: Shi, And, The, Zz, Chuei y Si, whose wave frequencies, create a resonance that manages to balance the vital energy or Qi of each internal organ and therefore each functional area physical, emotional and mental. Dr. Sun Si Miao synthesized information from sources Vedic, Buddhists and Taoists, depth known in Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine theory and adopted all found it interesting. He pays much attention to alchemy, to which he devoted an entire work, therefore he sought immortality. Also, He believed in astrology and magic and spells formulated in Sanskrit language. It also adopted techniques of shamanic tradition of Northern China. He rejected the post of personal physician of the emperor to devote himself to research its creation gave a surprising result: a series of 6 sounds that manage to balance our energy system.
teaching unit practice
Sistema de qigong "Liu Zi Jue" – The 6 Healing Sounds
Technique, training, breathing, mental focus and fluency
Execution of the technique
Executing the determined breath
Execution mental focus
Running for sound emission in three volumes
low volume to match the Shen "Mind"
Average volume to harmonize the Qi "Vital Energy – internal organs"
high volume to match the Jing "Body"
Integrative execution with the above indicated
January - February - March
theoretical teaching unit
Origin and history system Qigong Ba Duan Jin – The 8 Jewelry or 8 Brocades
Delivery of notebook content: history, origin, benefits and definition
Illustrations of the exercises and their meaning, and the benefits of each DVD Delivery (masterful teacher's explanation of how visual instructions) and a CD (cd with the melody and instructions in English and Chinese)
About The 8 Jewelry
His creation to General Yue Fei is attributed, Song Dynasty. It is said that this system entered his army until now become a popular classic inside and outside China, a health system and quality of life since the movements activate energy meridians system and act on internal organs, promoting physical balance, emotional and mental. It also promotes energy flow through the upper and lower extremities of the body. It is a very effective routine and highly beneficial.
teaching unit practice
Sistema de Qigong Ba Duan Jin – The 8 Jewelry or 8 Brocades
Technique, training, breathing, mental focus and fluency
Execution of the technique
Executing the determined breath
Execution mental focus
Integrative execution with the above indicated
Qigong Meditation and Daoist self-massage session
April - Mayo - June
theoretical teaching unit
Origin and history system Qigong Wu Qin Xi – Game of 5 Animals
Delivery of notebook content: history, origin, benefits and definition
Illustrations of the exercises and their meaning, and the benefits of each. DVD Delivery (masterful teacher explanation, visual instructions on the form) and a CD (cd with the melody and instructions in English and Chinese)
About 5 Animals
Hua Tuo, Taoist physician of the second century, It was mainly inspired by the driving qualities and behavior of five animals: the tiger, the deer, Bear, the monkey and the bird, and he created on the basis of their knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong, a series of exercises that mimic these animals and that correspond to each of the 5 internal organs, and therefore with every emotional and mental physical functional area. A curious and while logical aspect of Eastern society, It is that the Chinese people paid a fee to the doctor, as long as they remain in a healthy state, however, when stopped falling sick pay since they could no longer work. It is for this reason that the study of disease prevention is thriving and premium on the appearance of healing. The opposite happens in the West. As Dr.. Hua Tuo preached Example, He lived to 102 years old.
Practical Learning Unit
System Qigong Wu Qin Xi – Game of 5 Animals
Technique, training, breathing, mental focus and fluency
Execution of the technique
Executing the determined breath
Execution mental focus
Integrative execution with the above indicated
Qigong and Meditation session Daoist Self-massage
theoretical teaching unit
Origin and history of the system Lu Jong and concepts of Traditional Tibetan Medicine
Delivery of notebook content: history, origin, benefits and definition
Illustrations of the exercises and their meaning, and the benefits of each DVD Delivery
About Lu Jong
Tibetan series of physical exercises for physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.
Lu Jong meaning "Body Workout" reflects the knowledge that the great masters collected from nature and its five elements: water, land, fire, wind and space, and follow the foundations of traditional Tibetan medicine, which explains the three components of vital energy or moods: Lung, Tripa and Bekken, meridians or energy channels main: An, Rome and Kyandma, Genesis body o 7 constituents and energy fields or nodes where channels converge. Tibetan exercises series Lujong balances the body and mind.
These exercises are very easy to learn and execute, while very effective in maintaining healthy and balanced body and help open the energy channels and harmonize the three energies and the five elements. Also undo the knots or small farms, strengthen the internal organs, more flexible spine.
Organized into four series are suitable for all kinds of people because the exercises are tailored to the physical conditions of the practitioner
They are indicated to improve arthritis problems, fluid retention, colds and other diseases. Mentally bring peace and facilitate the release of obsessive thoughts and harmful, leading the practitioner to a psychic and emotional stability.
This ancient technique has been handed down from master to disciple for centuries. Now, Tulku Lobsang has spread the knowledge to help maintain the health of all people.
Practical Learning Unit
The system 5 elements belonging to the Tibetan cosmology
Tibetan breathing exercises Tsa-Lung
body massage based on the five elements
June – End of Course
Reviewing learned systems:
Zhan Zhuang static postures - Embracing the Tree
Liu Zi Jue - Los 6 Healing Sounds
Ba Duan Jin - Las 8 Jewelry or 8 Brocades
Wu Qin Xi - The Game of 5 Animals
Qigong and Meditation session Daoist Self-massage
Delivery of certificates of participation
Closing ceremony

Teaching box

Passport photo

Ivan Trujillo

President of the Association Internal Alchemy
▪ 3rd Duan Health Qigong, certificado por la Chinese Health Qigong Association (China)
▪ Referee International Health Qigong, certificado por la Chinese Health Qigong Association (China)
▪ Formación en Zhineng Qigong, avalado por Hexianju Zhineng Qigong Center (China)
▪ Instructor de Qigong, certified by the Qigong Institute of Barcelona
▪ has taken courses in technical development with international masters of Qigong systems belonging to the Chinese Health Qigong Association, in Barcelona, NY (USA), Jiujuashan (China) y Wuhan (China)
▪ black belt in Sib Pal Ki, Korean martial art, by Master Sung Seol
▪ Course Sib Pal Ki technification taught by Grandmaster Suk Kim Kwan in Seoul, Korea
▪ Monitor de Taijiquan del Estilo de Wudang Sanfeng, Wudang school certificate Spain
▪ Diploma acreditativo de haber aprendido el sistema Wudang Qian Kun Taiyi Shan, certificado por la Wudang Daoist Traditional Kung Fu Academy (China)
▪ Initiation in Taijiquan Yang Style, certificado por la escuela Wushu Ren
▪ Diploma of Second Degree Reiki Usui Tibetan System, Carme issued by the master Ten Sendrós
▪ Diploma Thai Massage, certificado por el centro de Sabadell Open Space
▪ Diploma Neurolinguistic Programming, issued by the Foundation CECOT Terrassa
▪ live appearance in the TV show "Som Aquí" Canal Terrassa Vallès
▪ live appearance in two editions of the television program "A point with 2" 2 Spanish TV
▪ appearance in the documentary "Paraisos de Barrio" program "The Green Beetle", documentary was the winner in the category "Television Report" Urban-TV Contest 2013
▪ Interview Program "Submarine" Radio Terrace
▪ has written articles on Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine magazine for Care-Te, Daily newspaper Malarrassa Rubi and Terrassa
▪ Weekly published on his YouTube channel, informative videos about Qigong, Taijiquan o Medicina Tradicional China.
▪ He colaborado with the Department of Gender Policy of the Ayuntamiento de Terrassa, mediante prácticas gratuitous Qigong in the Park Vallparadís Terrassa
▪ has worked in solidarity days to raise funds for research into rare diseases, as well as with the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation in Campania wet for Multiple Sclerosis.
▪ Since 2011 to the present, Domingo performs a month prácticas gratuitous Qigong in the Park Vallparadís Terrassa
▪ He has participated in competitions Health Qigong held in New York (USA), Jiuhuashan (China) and Porto (Portugal), obtaining in the first one 1st and 2nd place, in the second two 2th posts, and two third positions 1 s.


idariaIdaira Moya

Protestant fesora de Chikung y te ra péutico In nitora Wudang Taichi, director of Qigong Canarias.
-Taichi introduction to Professor Patricia Roberts.
-Maestro Zhixin Wang. (therapeutic qigong master)
-Qigong Instructor Jordi Moya (Luohan qigong style and inner pilgrimage)
-It nstituto Qigong-Chikung de Barcelona con Nuria Le onelli.
-Training in China Qigong Association Health in Beijing - China years 2010 and 2011 Chinese Health Qigong Association (Beijing) the official teachers of Qigong health.
-Training in China Qigong Association Health in Brussels by the Chinese Health Qigong Association.
-Wudang Taichi Training School Professor Alex Spain Mieza
1ª Chikung since competition in Brussels
2ª since Taichi competition in Madrid
1ª Contest Qigong exhibitions in Barcelona 2012
classification Group: Qigong first ranked team gold Canarias.
1Th international competition Deportivo Qigong 2014 Guadalajara- Individual classification female Madrid: Qigong top team
Canary group classification: second Qigong Canarias team
1Th European competition in Brussels: 2013
Female individual classification: first place in (Wuqinxi, Mawangdui y
Dawu Qigong)
Competition Tuoshu Madrid 2015. Wudang equipment Spain.
Female individual classification: second place (silver in the form Taihe)
"Qigong for people with reduced mobility" of collective Coordicanarias
-Qigong eye
-Annual workshop "Jump into life" festival of San Juan Arucas Gran Canaria
-Project "World Qigong" for free Qigong activities in Barcelona, Andalusia and the Canary Islands
-Route organizer chikunera, Monthly free activity for the practice of Qigong in the Canary Islands
Collaborates and has collaborated in:
-Radio Arucas
-Spanish television TV2 on "with about 2" in the section of oriental relaxation
-The magazine "Health Canaria" in the section on natural therapies
-Teaches workshops the group Ecologists in Action vinca
-With the company "Futura manages": provide training courses for energy recovery companies
-Collective liaison nurses carers project health centers in Las Palmas
other training
body language and dance
Diploma in Flower Therapy, Naturopathy, Phytotherapy and by Quiromasaje HEALTH DEUSTO professional association of Naturopathy and Biotherapy
Arbitro de Chikung formada en Barcelona y Oporto Portugal


Rafael David Aguilar

– Profesor de Canarias de la European Association for Traditional Sun Martial Arts Maestro Lei Shi Tai.
– Tai Chi teacher.
– Instructor de Qigong
– Daoist priest representative of the 25th generation Taoist School Dragon Gate, discípulo del maestro Taoísta Tian Cheng Yang.
– Re pre sentante en España del sistema de Chikung SpringForest.
– Land in Tai Chi and Kung Fu Karate Federation Catalunya.
– Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoist. Cheng Yang Tian.
– Acupuncturist by the School of paramedical techniques.
– Member as professional:
– European Foundation of Chinese Medicine.
– Pan European Federation of Tcm Societies.
– Spanish Association of Biochemistry Schussler.
– Taoist Association of Catalonia, Spain and England.
– Sun Style Martial Arts Association de California SSMAA.
– Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.


Maria Isabel Garcia Monreal

▪ President, teacher and teacher trainer teacher Entity Jingsheng Sports Health: www.saludjingshen.com and of the Qigong Association Andalucía: www.qigonganadalucia.com
▪ statutory member of the Association of Practitioners Lu Jong and Vice President of the Spanish Association of Medical Qigong.
▪ Sports Monitora: Inscribed in the official register of Professionals No sport Catalunya 001316.
▪ 4º Dan de Qigong: certificado por la Chinese Health Qigong Association, (China).
▪ Instructor europeo de Health Qigong: certificado por la Chinese Health Qigong Association (China).
▪ Referee International Health Qigong: certificado por la Chinese Health Qigong Association (China).
▪ Monitor de Lohan Qigong: certificado por la Wing Sin Tong International Chan Family Generation (Australia).
▪ Formación en Zhineng Qigong: avalado por Hexianju Zhineng Qigong Center, (China).
▪ Instructor de Qigong: certified by the Qigong Institute of Barcelona.
▪ Training A Zi Gong (Qigong for women): certified by the Qigong Institute of Barcelona.
▪ Formación en Nei Yang Gong (Medical Qigong): by Barcelona Institute of China Medical certificate.
▪ Yellow Belt Wushu: certified by the Royal Spanish Judo Federation.
▪ 2º Dan de Taichi: certified by the Spanish Federation of Martial Arts Yudansha
Yang style Taichi ▪ Monitor: Certified Therapists Training School Melqur.
▪ Instructor Taichi for Health Dr. Do: supported by Arthritis Foundation of Australia, Arthritis Core U.K. and adapted by the Arthritis Foundation of U.S.A. Lam and supported by Diabetes Australia.
▪ Specialization courses: Esgrima de Taichi Chuan, Taichi of 13 Maestro movements Mantack Chia and Taichi with fan.
▪ Monitor de Lu Jong I: certified by the Association Nangten Menlang, (Spain)
▪ Instructor and teacher trainer international Lu Jong I: certificado por Nangten Menlang Buddisht Medical Organization, (Austria).
▪ International Instructor and teacher trainer Tog Chöd: certificado por Nangten Menlang Buddisht Medical Organization, (Austria).
▪Diploma of Facial Reflexology, issued by the School of Professional Massage & Therapies Alternatives Ali-Bey 25, Barcelona.
▪Diploma Tibetan Massage, Board Certified Medication Asian Sholung, Barcelona.
▪Diploma of Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Certified Training School therapists Melqur, Professor Manuel Rodríguez, Barcelona
First Grade ▪Diploma Japanese Usui Reiki Ryoho System, by Equilibrium Center, Institute of Yoga and natural therapies, Barcelona.
▪Profesora since 17 Taichi and Qigong years in officialdom, in sports center, social centers, cultural and 3rd age in Barcelona and Andalusia as:
Catalan Institute of Health and the Hospital del Valle Hebron Department of Occupational Health and Safety, Barcelona City Council Activa't program, City of Priego de Córdoba and Doña Mencía (Córdoba), Ubeda City Council (Jaén), Qigong Institute of Barcelona, Holmes Place, Virgen Active, Swimming Club Sant Andreu, Gimesport, Arsenal group, Sport and Health, Bonaesport, Can Felipa CEM, Pere Tarres Foundation and the Association of Residents of Camp de l'Arpa in Barcelona.
▪Con Taichi and Qigong experience for children in extracurricular activities and workshops in sports centers and primary schools, high school students in Barcelona as: Centro de Estudios Joan XXIII de Bellvitge in Barcelona.
▪Taller Technical Orientales in the days of healthy habits for workers in the area of ​​Occupational Health and Safety of the Catalan Institute of Health.
▪3ª classification (bronze medal) en la Third International Health Qigong Tournament and Exchange (Nanhui, China).
Taichi ▪Taller open in the days of health activities, promoted by the World Congress of Cardiology in Barcelona.
▪Artículos writings on Qigong for health, published on websites: learn taichi.com, Club Casa Asia, Revista Taichichuan.
▪2ª and 3rd ranking (Silver and bronze medals) en la 5th International Health Qigong Tournament and Exchange, (New York).
▪Ponencia on Qigong and Liu Zi Jue workshop (Six Healing Sounds) at the Second Congress of Qigong Andalucía held at the College of Physicians of Malaga.
▪Talleres open and Lu Jong Qigong at the Fair of Bio Natura Armilla, Granada.
▪Talleres open and Lu Jong Qigong in the Fourth Conference of Alternative Therapies in Ubeda, Jaén.
Introduction to Qigong open ▪Taller aimed at relatives of Alzheimer patients through the association ALFUSAL, Priego de Córdoba.
▪Taller Qigong for women on the international day against violence on women in cooperation with the City of Doña Mencía, Córdoba.
▪Taller / conference for the World Day of Women's Health in collaboration with the municipal information center woman Priego de Córdoba.
▪Participación in Natur Fest II, Baeza, Jaén.
▪Participación in representing Spain in the opening ceremony of the 6th congress and Health Qigong Championships in Porto, Portugal.
▪Participación in seventh heaven Connection program, BTV Cataluña: Jong, Tibetan Yoga.
▪Participación in the program A to point 2, RTVE: eastern techniques, Qigong.
▪Entrevista radio for radio Onda Mencia, Doña Mencia, Córdoba.

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