The UMU approves Taijiquan as therapy for stressed workers

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The UMU approves Taijiquan as therapy for stressed workers

The doctoral dissertation at the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Murcia Jesus Carrillo Vigueras has proven that the martial art Taijiquan (Taichi) and Qigong are ways to manage stress in the short and medium term, and the retention time of its positive effects on mental health.

During the investigation, a total of 458 public employees, chosen for their high level of work stress, treatment underwent theoretical and practical training of one month based on these techniques, after which workers experienced a substantial improvement in their psychological health and adequate control of perceived stress, returning to healthy population numbers.

Also, participants who took a second treatment started from a level of stress two points below what his peers had, confirming the permanence of the effects observed in the first intervention.

Study, led by Professors Maria Dolores Flores Bienert, Gregorio and Manuel Vicente Gómez López Nicolás, states in its conclusions the high level of stress they are under public employees in their jobs and that the lower prevalence among workers with healthy lifestyles.

It was also found that women feel more stress than men and that this affects them much more, not by gender but by the continuity of work at home.

Another remarkable aspect of the research is that people usually did not perform any physical activity discovered these techniques and felt the beneficial results of the same, as reported by the educational institution.

As a way to prevent spending on medical intervention, the thesis also defended the use of Tai Chi and Qigong as a preventive strategy stress, which is described in the study as one of the most established psychosocial illness in the western world and responsible for many health problems.

The author indicates that the preference for this physical activity over other is due to the “Special characteristics in the use of breathing, also because it can be performed alone or in company anywhere, does not require specific equipment, the benefits obtained outweigh the risks in implementing, there is no competition between practitioners, activity is oriented to leisure and recreation and, last, is a time of relaxation and mental disconnect”.


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